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December 2021
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Recruiters. Agents for Staffing and a whole lot more
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Job analysis, on-boarding, strategic hiring and down-sizing,
psychometric testing, outplacement….These and many other
terms are roles of recruiters. 

Recruiters and their general function, recruitment, are part
of the process of
1  deciding what skills and experience are needed to complete
and deliver a function for an organization [job analysis],
2  defining for, advertising to and attracting qualified applicants
3  screening qualified candidates and narrowing the applicant pool
4  participating in a joint selection decision including establishing
compensation elements
5  on-boarding the new hire into the organization bringing them
quickly up to speed

The role and responsibility can also involve (6) hiring strategies,
(7) networks [that is how I got started into Linkedin, for example],
 (8) screening tools, (9) hiring plans and timelines, and even
(10) downsizing and (11) outplacement [I worked with DBM
in an early in my career transition].

Recruiters are part of practically all organizations– academic,
government, industrial, entrepreneurial,… you name it. 

Some are permanent hires of a larger organization, with other
responsibilities.  Some recruiters are contracted.  Of the contracted
group, one can find
- niche specialties (Chemistry, engineering, pharma, nanomaterials,
instrumentation, batteries, electrochemistry, fuel cells, process
industries and many more),
- narrow geographic areas (Bay Area, San Diego, St. Louis, Boston,
Phila., New York, Texas, etc.) and
- more general sourcing agencies

Joseph Jolson presents, for example, how one can find career
opportunities for chemical enterprises in the Pittsburgh job market
each year.  Recruiters commonly represent their organization at job

I followed a few other blog entries and the NESACS website
unsuccessfully for niche contract recruiters for either the NE region,
like Joe does for Pittsburgh, and for industry specific retained
search firms.

The general internet databases and Linkedin Premium service are
another route you can follow. 

Contract recruiters are professionals who earn their keep and
integrity by providing a service that needs to be paid for, either by the
hiring organization or the client.  The best often work well with other
professionals based on valued relationships that lasts, not for just one
job cycle, but for years.  So, in my career, I maintained a relationship
with a fuel cell and lithium battery recruiter for over 20 years.  I was
able to help some of my colleagues find their next position by
referral a few times.  Currently, I maintain professional contact with
a few recruiters even though I am not actively in the job market myself.

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    Joe Jolson offers a Pittsburgh specific guide
    for job searching
    a. local employment agencies
    b. local career fairs
    c. local web based job boards
    d. career management firms
    e. leading companies that hire technical skills
    f. academic and government employers
    g. other fields for employment opportunities.

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