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February 2020
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Strategies for your Job Search. Marketing concepts.
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We need to be proactive, persistent and assertive in our
professional careers
to respond to changes in our
situations often outside of our control or influence.

It seems that few jobs are secure.  Thus, we need to set goals,
objectively evaluate whether we are meeting them and assess
if changes are needed to either our goals or our paths to
reaching them.

In preparing for some presentations, I have been looking for
more material from the business world to apply some of the
terms we see, such as branding, target audiences, positioning
and push-pull
marketing.  For those looking to go into the
business side or entrepreneurial direction would be served to
have some grounding in these concepts.

It seems true, also, that technical careers, with lay-offs
(who would have predicted Kodak, Lyondell, GM, and Polaroid,
to name a few) changing business conditions (who would have
predicted the bubbles and resulting depresssions of 2001-9)
and outside influences (who could have predicted the US
would be a net exporter of petroleum 10 years ago) are
subject to the same consequences.

Sebastiano Mereu created a simple and quick presentation
of some useful business terms
in the context of push and
pull marketing.  For applying these concepts consider
targeted, brief resumes with appropriate addenda (list of
papers, patents and presentations, list of projects, research
summary, for example) for “pushing” job searches.  Consider
creating keyword containing profiles, SEO optimized blog
or website (also Linkedin Premium service) profile, and
volunteer to offer presentations and your services to
represent your skills and expertise.  Then, reviewers, placement
services and jobs are “pulled” to your profile and you.

Barb Poole writes a strong article pointing out how it
is likely wise to apply both push and pull marketing to our
Job search strategy to be effective.  Her business terms
do fit strategies to consider for the evolving technical
R&D, manufacturing, and high tech environments.

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