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January 2022
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Interviewing “red flags” and suggestions
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Here are some “red flags” for a professional interview and
some suggestions to be prepared for and counter.

Arriving late for an interview
   Always plan more time than you think you will need to
arrive at your appointed time and find out where you are
   Consider traveling to the location the day before, if
possible, to estimate the times and get traffic information.
   Always good to get a telephone number to call if there
is any chance for delay.  Also, you can call and let your
host know you have arrived the day before the interview.
   Have a plan of what you will do when you arrive.
Meet people, learn or confirm things about the culture.

Display good etiquette with personal communication tools

   Even turn off vibrate
   Suggest not even using in rest room or “isolated areas”

Position job description, recent company information and
recent financial reports on the company

   Not a bad idea to speak to your financial adviser about the
company.  [after all it is a financial decision]
   You will show something if you do a good literature review
about the company history, mergers, leaders, and products.

Match your skills experience, and qualifications to the needs

   Knowing the job description, show that your skills are either
transferable or a good match to the “musts and wants”
   Not knowing the job description, use your network input,, and web site information (annual report) to
begin the conversations about using stories to show your
skills and experience match their needs.

Know yourself, know how your style can appear to your

interviewers, learn attentively the styles of your
interviewers and pay attention to nonverbal feedback
to your performance

   You are always being judged by all the people you meet.
   Remember, three things happen:  being lucky, using your
skill or applying your intuition.  The skillful are both
lucky and develop intuition.
   Regulate and adapt to your environment. 
   Focus on your goal, not on yourself.

Let the reality of the situation be your guide.

   We all have faults and weaknesses.  Know yours and what
you are doing to offset or reduce them.
   Practice giving your responses.
   Review typical questions and prepare stories for responses.
   Check your response times, “come up for air.”
Aim to make it a two-way, enjoyable conversation.

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