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January 2022
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Trends in Job Descriptions. Background, Constraints and New Trends
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Job descriptions offer insight into keywords, skills desired
for specific positions and organizational culture.  It is
critical to put them in perspective and reveal new trends.

We know that a large fraction of jobs are not advertized.
As we know this is the “hidden job market,”
In addition, outsourcing firms can manage the announcement,
screening and evaluation of candidates in many cases.  The ways
we can contribute and find satisfying careers
requires us to
be proactive, confident and curious.

For those positions or careers that do have postings of job
descriptions, did you ever read through them and say to
yourself:  ‘No one has all the experience listed in this placement
except a few people working for this firm.’

Often submissions in response to the job description posting
are online and we do not know what happens after we press “send.”
A significant fraction of the submissions are interrogated by
ATS Applicant Tracking System software, even before
 a person sees the document.

How do they write these documents and what do they expect?

As background for job descriptions, Allison Doyle does a
creditable job in outlining the US Department of Labor
breakdown of employment clusters and resources.  Wikipedia
gives some hints and link,s as well.

Lauren Weber
described how a good job description conveys
a clear picture of the position and employer’s culture in a
recent WSJ article.  She offered three constraints for job
description writers and new trends she is seeing.

- knowing only what has been written before and what they
see themselves, hiring managers will lump all the “musts”
and “wants” together.  It leads to too many criteria.
 - burdened by too many day-to-day tasks, hiring managers
avoid separating the leading skills a successful new hire
should possess.  This often leads to description by committee.
 - legal and administrative reviews can format and structure
a description like a legal document, often losing its readability
and appeal.  Weber writes it diminishes the attention each
posting might deserve.

Encourage the right talent and experience level people to be
attracted to apply for an opening using necessary and sufficient

NEW TRENDS offers a crafting and posting service that provides
a summary and a well crafted photo, story line and importance
of the role.  [Lauren neatly adds how this is compensated.]

HireArt is a job search firm that services transactional
organizations  using several recent technologies.  While not
the approach of technical firms yet, if very successful it
may be how future job descriptions will appear. 

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