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November 2021
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International Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows
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We had a unique segment in our Preparing for Life
after Graduate School Workshop in Norfolk last
week.  Our discussant covered ‘Opportunities for
International Students.’ Since a significant fraction
of graduate student enrollment is international
(ranging from 30 to 80 per cent in institutions),
this seems timely.

The focus on our segment was on practical experiences.
The guidance to not give up when you do not hear back
or get a request to re-apply was offered.  Also, apply early.

Since there is a lottery for certain countries of origin,
it is worthwhile to apply if your country of origin is in
the selected group.

What also seems relevant, but is generally not expressed,
is to know who are elected officials in your area and
to seek their help.   After all, once citizenship is attained
there is a strong notion for a vote at election time and
for good reason.

We are planning a similar seminar on the same topic this
week where we will also include the following in our

 - EducationUSA
- Understand the American educational system
- Get involved socially to overcome cultural and language issues
- process various factors in deciding whether to go home
country or work in US
- companies that you apply to should use e-verify and be
willing to help citizenship issues
- develop networking skills- small talk, introductions, 
networking conversations and story telling

2 Responses to “International Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows”

  1. site admin Says:

    I just happened to find something interesting on the AGU
    website which might be useful to your future presentation.

    It is a big problem really!

    The presentation:

    The Q and A:

    It is universal apparently. A previous colleague in the group
    I used to work reported everything happened in the office to
    the lady I worked with… And he got lots of help from me
    when he first came in… - Shan
  2. site admin Says:

    The early-on discussion about use of credit cards
    brought about interesting feedback that it never
    occurred to the international students. We advised

    at attendant free (gas, big box stores, etc.) stations,
    after each transaction is complete, erase your card
    entry information

    do not provide information over the phone or internet,
    unless there is certification of representations (scams)

    do not write PIN on card

    destroy receipts with numbers on it after use.

    use care at ATMs, if crowded, if someone can read
    over your shoulder, if anything looks suspicious

    check your debits on your credit card account daily.
    Respond promptly if there are errors.

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