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November 2021
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Virtual conferences, introductions and interviews
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Let me share something.   Last weekend, from 12,000 feet
I took my first skydive.  It was stunning, remarkable and simply
awesome with my tandem buddy, Leo.

Introducing yourself on a youtube video is  little like that.

I was invited to do that recently.  Even though I have some experience
with virtual telecons and virtual interviews, let me share some things
that I want to improve on it. 
LIGHTING:  I want to have good lighting so that my side is visible,
my image for the other end of the computer line is clear and
there are no reflections off my glass lenses.
BACKGROUND:  I want to think through what I want people to
see behind me.  Think of TV sets as models.  Probably less clutter
and solid color that sets up my image better.

I was aware of tips like the  Mergis Group 7 suggestions for
video interviews– formal wear, be ready in advance, know
the software and test it out in advance, look at the camera,
prepare your environment, be prepared to have pauses and
turn things off at the end.

IMPORTANT:  Coordinate things with the other end.  Plan to sit
back enough so your torso appears.  If it is a timed recording
session, consider using “Three, two, one, Hello, I am…..”

Especially relevant for people with disabilities is that it
is acceptable to conduct virtual video interviews
.  In fact,
I spoke with a member today that he can overcome some
of his perceived limitations by showing that he is an
expert in doing virtual video interviewing.  Turn this trend
in practices into a strength for him.  People will never even
consider shortcomings if you present a competent, positive,
resourceful and likeable image.

The virtual presence and our competence in it continues to
grow in importance.
At first, like skydiving, it can be a little unnerving. 

Remember it is a growing trend that you can gain an advantage
by becoming very good at.

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