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December 2021
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Internship advantage.
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Preparing for an upcoming workshop and one of the topics
I am proposing is “Post doctoral appointments and
Internships.”  Why are these two combined, you
might ask? 

Both are temporary positions and both provide
incredible experience, skills and connections

for a more permanent position in fields of
your choice.

In fact, it is strong advice for nearly anyone who
is without a position to consider moving into
an internship position role, or its equivalent, to show that
you are active, continuously learning and employable.

None other than Tom Friedman wrote about the
importance of working as an intern in today’s economy,
because the “new economy realizes that colleges don’t
teach skills that employers expect and are looking for.”
Experience, rather than degree, is the proxy for skill...”
Internships provide that.

As situations dictate, paid internships are fewer and there
can be many applicants.  Big organizations report 50-100 per
position.  So, many are unpaid.  And wherever the internship
exists, organizations desire interns to help them get things
done and for interns to add value.

Alexnyk summarizes some decision factors, considerations
of where to apply and other preparation ideas of what to think
through for internships, including:
-  apply 6 months in advance
-  referrals improve your chances
-  know why you want to intern at the organization, why it
will help your career growth
-  understand you are there to add value and gain important
skills in that process
Adding value can be making the coffee, listening to presentations,
(and not publicly asking questions; but privately taking notes
and seeking clarifications), and being willing to ask is there
anything I can do to help.

In the your interview, prepare by doing your homework
on the web-page, Linkedin and Glassdoor, have questions
like the company philosophy on interns, how many interns
have there been and will they plan for, who is the
supervisor, and what are the working conditions and

4 Responses to “Internship advantage.”

  1. site admin Says:

    Keys to success in an internship position:
    1. Learn the industry or business area- Take specific
    note of the topics, trends, major players, companies
    and thought leaders.
    2. google yourself- make sure privacy settings are
    secure and overall results show up favorably.
    3. Be proficient in new media apps and tools. Share
    it with others. Be the go to person.
    4. Express gratitude- note to anyone who assisted you
    in landing this internship
    5. Be proactive, seeking to contribute- Master the simple things
  2. site admin Says:

    Not taking anything away from the entry, the last
    comment speaks to the prospects for unpaid
    technical internships. Worth reviewing.
  3. site admin Says:

    Tom Ashbrook provided a poignant piece on internships
    with guests revealing the value of internships, some views
    of what people do and some laws about pay for internships.
  4. site admin Says:

    Another voice about the benefits of internships,
    Julia Karnaze at Linkedin.

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