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November 2021
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Profile. International Professional Progressing in Industrial Positions
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We have known each other for several years as volunteers.
SA and I have dined and enjoyed professional conversations.

We had the opportunity to explore her motivations, challenges
and what she found most helpful in navigating the employment

Quick profile:  International student who attended a mid-tier
                          American graduate school in chemistry
                           PhD achieved in 5 years
                           Post doc at Pacific Northwest NL
                           Post doc at Rice University

Background/      Nano materials, carbon fibers,
Strengths :         bucky balls and lubricant materials
                            Analytical techniques, synthetic methods
                            Administrative details, organization and
                            reports;  Adaptable and efficient at meeting deadlines.

What she found   In graduate school, finding a couple of mentors,
most helpful:       outside of her department, yet from similar cultural
                              backgrounds.  They eased her into the American
                              culture and helped her strengthen her core values
                              understand her values and how they could be
                              expressed in American society.

Observations :      She is a very compelling communicator with
                              savvy business perspective.  She will accomplish
                              her objectives.  If there is not a reason to stay on
                              (promotion, new project, excitement in her roles)
                               she will seek another role where she will expand
                               her ever growing and ever more responsible skill
                               set.  She does not burn bridges and easily moves
                               from one place to another.

Outcomes:             She found first employment as a research scientist
                                and supervisor and has moved on every one and a half
                                to three and a half years to new companies with higher
                                levels of responsibility.  Each of the four companies
                                is growing and benefited from her contributions.
She strives for new challenges, continuous learning and working on
important problems and finds smaller, high tech firms are a wonderful
setting for her personal and professional growth.  She is now an
operations manager responsible for budget, personnel, technology and
interfacing with government and customers.

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