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December 2021
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Self-assessment. Emotional Understanding_ underappreciated characteristic
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When we open ourselves up for examination to find
what makes ourselves tick, motivated and happy,
your skills, interests [often called values and drivers]
, and work style are common facets.  Company culture
revealing how things get done and communicated and
its match to our perceptions comes to fore usually
after a while, too.  A fifth feature that is not often
highlighted, but is essential in working with teams or
customers is your Emotional Understanding.

Daniel Goleman is one of the leaders in describing
the importance of this aspect.  Goleman describes
his academic portrait in his book, The Emotionally
Intelligent Workplace.
  Interviewers consciously
or unconsciously probe for this in often subtle ways.

Are you aware if you are patient with others?
Are you comfortable with a constantly changing
Are you cool under pressure?  Do you know the
  difference between pressure and stress– in yourself
  and others?

How do you respond?

I like Goleman’s view of emotional intelligence as having
at least four components:
  self awareness- what are your feelings in different
      situations;  how do you respond or react/your
  self-management- what tactics do you use to engage
      the behaviors you desire as fitting
  social awareness- how well do you observe and
       perceive the behaviors of others and know how to
       respond to the emotions of others
  relationship management- honing your emotional
       skills to effectively manage your interactions with
       others; including listening,encouraging diplomacy
       and debate, orchestrating win-win outcomes, reaching
       symbiotic understanding in negotiations.
Developing stories to evoke these is important in
interviewing, giving presentations and mentoring.


4 Responses to “Self-assessment. Emotional Understanding_ underappreciated characteristic”

  1. site admin Says:

    AMBITION: Understand its impact.
  2. site admin Says:

    M. Korn authored a piece in WSJ today about a number of business
    schools, aware that graduates are screened for success in motivation,
    resilience and teamwork by personal characteristics inventories that
    get at their “feelings”. She cited several schools that screen applicants
    now with similar tools.

    Bottom line: Applicant Feelings make a difference in hiring decisions.
    Objective measures are being sought, but it is believed a perceptive
    student might be able to “game the system.” and one needs to be assessed
    and observed in real life situations.

    See also:  3 
  3. site admin Says:
  4. site admin Says:

    6 Second Rule:   Emotional Intelligence
    Emotions are expressions of brain chemicals affecting us.
    They require conscious effort to understand and to learn about
    the cycle of emotion, feeling and behavior.  Often we can “see”
    emotion in others by nonverbals.  Others can see them in us.

    Example:  anger and frustration can lead to helplessness, promotes
    loss of insight and restricts our thinking processes.  This often releasses
    more neurohormones to convert emotions into feelings which often compels
    conditioned behaviors.

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