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December 2021
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Resumes: ATS, cloud docs, formats
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Recently more attention in this blog has been on business
focused resumes
and on CVs for post-docs and academic

Some, less-common topics that may “do you in” in the
screening process is knowing that

+  many, if not most, documents face a computerized ATS
(applicant tracking system) and needs to be a  format that
can be readily scanned
  -  ATS  looking for Keywords  in context in specific sections
  - have your resume in a scannable format ie .txt
scannable resumes

+  You will be searched on the Internet for your Internet

  -  have your linkedin profile listed in your HEADING
in your CV or resume [you will not be confused with
another with the same name.]
  - link your resume and list of projects and other PR
documents in “cloud documents”
List of projects

+  You need to be aware of the three phases of resume
reviews.  To get past the first phase critical information
needs to be in the resume red zone (middle third of page 1)
Resume red (read) zone

+  A growing trend is for technical professionals to
seek international positions, requiring the international
format for a resume

  -We recognize the advantage of listing our citizenship
if American or naturalized for certain positions (and
need to list it in our headings, in certain circumstances.)
European CV

There are cases in different fields for which unique resune
elements are expected
.  This is what happens as chemistry
trained individuals seek positions in alternative areas. 
For several positions in government laboratories LANL
for example a CV is preferred over a resume.
A business focused format is preferred for project
management and for legal and technology transfer positions.

The science of chemistry where we continually
 - collect and evaluate data and
 - develop new facts with experiments and observations and
 - test hypothesis and develop models
is found useful in many areas.  So it is that we will adopt
different tools
to present our case to be hired into different

One Response to “Resumes: ATS, cloud docs, formats”

  1. site admin Says:

    Some items that struck me in my recent reading
    and resume reviews:
    - NOT an advantage to indicate “willing to relocate”,
    or one’s “apartment number’” or “pager number”
    - Avoid using PO Box, as it suggests impermanence
    [I have seen no street address on some resumes,
    presuming most communication is via Internet
    or phone. Not sure it is a complete switch.]
    - DO NOT spell out STATE, use 2 LETTER
    - State specific accomplishments in EXPERIENCE

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