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August 2019
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After the Interview
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Posted by: site admin @ 7:21 pm

 Hi Dan,

It was very nice meeting you at the ACS meeting. I
wish I had more time to speak with you, but I had
to prepare for the interview and also for my poster. 

My interview with South. Res. I .was good. At
least I felt it was good. Because I know I spoke
very well and showed him that I was excited about
this job opening. The interview went on for almost
40 minutes. The interviewer even told me about
their retirement plan!
He said he will pass on my resume to the Scientists
and if they are interested they will invite me there
during mid-April. 

Do you think I have any chances? The person who
interviewed me was a recruiter for this institute.
After an interview generally when do they inform
the candidate about their decision? 

Some how I feel the job scene is not so good. This
brings more frustration. And I don’t want to do a
postdoc. So, I hope I get this one. 

Thanks for your time and help. 


2 Responses to “After the Interview”

  1. site admin Says:
    ==== THE NEXT TWO INTERACTIONS ===========

    Hi V,
    Thank you for the very nice note. I certainly
    understand the short time one has to spend at
    meetings. It is one of the hardest things to learn to
    manage. That is why one thinks clearly where you
    stay, which sessions you attend and where else
    you go. You seemed to have a plan for what you
    were going to do and that is very good.

    At the SWRI interview, were you asked about visa
    status? Were they interested in hiring you for a
    permanent position? If so, were the requirements
    and responsibilities described to you?

    Did you have a chance to follow up with questions
    of your own about the job? Have you written a
    thank you note to the interviewer indicating your
    interest in the position?

    When you start receiving interviews, it is a sign
    that your credentials are desired by the target
    institutions. If you get the onsite interview it is
    revealing that the credentials were verified and
    you had a social style that could fit. If the onsite
    interview goes well then your seminar, your various
    interviews and the interactions you had with all the
    people you meet were positive.

    There are several things you should review after
    each interview–
    what questions or issues were hard for me to
    deal with?
    what questions did I handle well?
    Did I make a close– I want this position….
    establish a time frame for the decision and
    identify the next step?
    what question was I not prepared for?
    how did I focus my abilities on making a
    contribution for the company?
    how did I follow up?

    Look at my blog on 12-6-07 about things to
    consider if there is a delay. There are other
    discussions on related topics.

    Were you able to land any other interviews in
    Chicago? Did you meet people from other
    companies at the mixer? Did you exchange
    business cards with them?

    Please keep in touch. It sounds promising.



    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your email. I was asked about my
    visa status. And I told the interviewer that I
    would need a H1B visa. And his response
    was that is not a problem. He said they
    generally sponsor the green card and he
    explained me the whole procedure. He
    also said that you don’t have to pay anything,
    SWRI will take care of it.

    They were interested in hiring me for a
    permanant position. He also told me about
    all the recreation facilities they have, the
    different clubs they have and he also
    explained me their retirement plan.
    Then he told me the job details, the
    requirements and responsibilities for this
    position. This all had me a little puzzled,
    because he was giving me so many details,
    as if they had already hired me. And when
    I got a chance I also asked him a list of
    questions which I had prepared before
    the interview.

    Overall I thought the interview was good
    and interactive. And I wrote him a thank
    you note the same day after the interview.

    I did not have any other interview calls.
    But yeah, I did meet a lot of people in the
    industry and I did exchange my business
    Do you think I should call the interviewer
    and ask him about their decision? He gave
    me his card, so I have his number. Do you
    think it would be appropriate?

    Thank you very much.
  2. site admin Says:
    Hi V,

    Your responses and behavior are excellent. But….
    don’t stop with one institution and one screening
    interview. This is the beginning of a long process.

    To respond to your hanging question, in your
    thank you note, did you indicate that you will
    contact him at a specific point?  If you did, treat
    it like a commitment.
    If you did not, a reasonable amount of time is 1-2
    weeks after he returns to his office…like Friday
    April 13… not trying to jinx you……

    Please assess yourself and goals. What places are
    the top 10 where you wish to work? What is your
    strategy to learn specifically about these places,
    their web-sites, their open positions, their financial
    situation, and specific people who work at each

    Systematically develop a career plan. Please look
    at the blog for references to career plan and other
    tips. Please keep in touch as you learn more.

    I am happy to have met you at the meeting.

    Let’s stay in touch.

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