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November 2021
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Salary Question Application
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Posted by: site admin @ 10:26 am

Dear Dan,

Today I received the official invitation for the site visit to Dow.  I also communicated with one of the employees whom I met couple of weeks back at school.  He said there would be 5-6 separate one-on-one interviews and that I might be asked behavioral questions apart from technical ones.

Also, I have to give a 45 minute presentation about my Ph. D. research.  I will have to submit the title and abstract about a week before the interview.

The have also asked me about the salary expectations in terms of $/month.  Should I keep it blank or put a number?
Thanks and regards,


3 Responses to “Salary Question Application”

  1. site admin Says:
    Hi P,
     Good update! Sounds like a terrific opportunity with a class organization.

     Please consider going on line to the ACS website and look up the salary comparator. This will give you an idea of the range you might expect. 
      Now, salary is only one component of a compsensation package. Other things may be equally important to you, including helping you attain citizenship, insurances, moving expenses including buying your home in lieu of a sale, stabilty, challenge, working in the right field for you, etc. Some are quantifiable, others are not.
      Create your response based on what you feel is important to you and your family now and in the near future. On the application is it appropriate to respons to their salary question with a range that may require you to consult others in your network for sanity check. 
      Please consider that it is not best to bring up salary yourself at this point in the interviewing/application/hiring process. After you are offered a position is the a etter time to bring up salary expectations, if needed. You will find Dow to be nicely competitive.
      P, I hope this short discussion helps you. If not, let’s plan to talk about it. For this is sometimes a sensitive thing to bring up in the wrong way, if you know what I mean.

    - Dan
  2. site admin Says:
    Dear Dan,

     I did some research on the website. It gives a range of salaries, based on parameters. I did my MS after my BS and came here for Ph.D. so my experience in US schools is about 4 years. Based on this, if I input the BS graduation year as 2002, it gives $101K for highest and $70,772 for median.
     Most of my friends who are working with GE, Shell, Arkema, R-H., etc. had starting salaries in the range of $75K-80K,depending on location. Is this what is usually offered, or is it the lower range?

  3. site admin Says:

    Hi P,
     I checked with a colleague who was recently offered a position with Dow at $95K, near where he was requesting. He has comparable formal training and has seven years experience.
     When you list your information about your background, please consider no formal years of industrial experience. Based on these two data points a range of $75K-85K could be inputted.
     Dow is a highly competitive firm and quite respected in their technology, people and how they treat their employees. If you receive an offer of $75K or lower, one of the negotiations is to learn if there is a sign-on bonus, or longer vacation, or interest-free loan possible. In other words, your challenge is to provide information that is reasonable to them and be prepared to work with the company to obtain items that are important to you. You need to determine these throughout the interview process and with your network.

     P, my colleague is a bit sorry that he did not include a house buy-out provision in his negotiations, for now he is hoping to move there within a month and his house has not sold. He might have been able to obtain help in selling his home from his new company.
     Hope this helps.

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