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November 2021
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Interview continum. Follow up actions after meetings
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Illuminating notes from a couple of people I interviewed
or reviewed or met in Philadelphia DIFFERENTIATE
them from every one else who I met.

Even further, those who develop a win-win common
do much better.  This further differentiates
them from the more than a hundred people I met at
the ACS national meeting.

This is part of the interviewing continuum that job
seekers should have foremost in their minds.  The
interview is not just the one time screening interview
combined with an on-site interview.  It is much more
as the linked article on the topic describes.


Dear Dan,

It was wonderful seeing you at ACS and thank you for your support at
AEI. I talked to several hiring institutions, and they showed
interested and encouraged me to apply. I will keep you updated. Thanks
again for commenting on my materials and passing it to Louis
Kirschenbaum. It was my delight to meet him at AEI.

Best wishes,
Dear Dan,

I hope you have had a great meeting at Philadelphia.  It was
a great pleasure meeting you again.  Thanks for all your
advices, those are very helpful.  I still remember our first
conversation when you recommended toastmaster to me.
I could see I have improved a lot since then.

I will keep updating you on my progress.  One day, I hope
to volunteer like you and guide next generation chemists.

Thanks for you help.
Best regards,

(Although it would be overlooked in this one situation.)
Dear Kanjana,

It was a pleasure being introduced to you at the
wine tasting reception at the Philadelphia ACS
I hope you enjoyed the technical and networking
opportunities and look forward to being connected
in Linkedin and meeting again at future meetings.


Daniel J. Eustace

Adjunct, University of Connecticut
Retired, ExxonMobil and Polaroid Corps.
ACS Career Consultant and Workshop Presenter

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  1. site admin Says:

    Liz Ryan suggests:

    the thank-you letter is an easy way to separate wheat from chaff.

    Send a thank-you letter to EVERYONE you met in your interviews.
    This is why it’s essential to get a business card from everyone you
    meet with. If you miss one or two of the business cards, take a
    guess at the person’s email address (for instance, if everyone else
    you met with uses the convention or, then take a chance with that convention
    for the folks whose email addresses you didn’t get) or call your HR
    contact and ask for the ones you missed.

    Send your thank-you letters by email.

    three things:
    a) convey to the reader that you really understood the company’s
    challenges in the area of his or her individual focus;
    b) also convey that you are well-equipped, by background, talents
    and temperament, to surmount these challenges; and
    c) add one pithy, insightful thought that DIDN’T come out at the
    interview, to show that you’re still thinking through the company’s
    opportunities and challenges. Article Source:

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