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November 2021
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Mid-career Self-assessment. MOJO
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Marshall Goldsmith has impressed me several times in
audiobooks and podcasts with inspiration and gap analysis
methods for helping senior level people and those in mid
to deal with their circumstances or what ails them.

Found MOJO, a book Marshall Goldsmith recently
co-authored, while browsing recently and was so
engrossed, I skimmed it in one evening and re-read it
again the next day.  It is that good.

[MOJO stands for: positive spirit toward what we do
now that starts inside us and radiates outside of us.]

There are at least a five very good things this book
provides for people who have been in the workplace
for a few years…Mid-career people, senior level people,

1.  ingredients of great mojo
2.  MOJO and is inverse nojo
3.  Capturing your measure of your mojo
4.  MOJO killers in our careers
5.  re-igniting your mojo

This is not a how to instruction manual.  It is an
intellectual mirror with x-ray vision to help us
see what makes us tick, how we think and
what makes us happier.

Comments provide more detail on some of the good
things in the book.  Highly recommended for mid-
career professionals.

4 Responses to “Mid-career Self-assessment. MOJO”

  1. site admin Says:

    Four ingredients need to be combined in order
    for you to have great MOJO.

    A. Identity
    B. Achievement
       What do we bring to the task
       What the task gives us
    C. Reputation
    D. Acceptance
        Being realistic about what we can and cannot
    change in our lives and accommodating ourselves
    to those facts.

    M. Goldsmith
  2. site admin Says:

    MOJO vs. nojo
    MOJO                           NOJO
    Take responsibility         play the victim
    Move forward                march in place
    Run the extra mile           satisfied with bare minimum
    Love doing it                   feel obliged to do it
    Appreciate opportunities  tolerate requirements
    Make the best of it           endure it
    Inspirational                     painful to be around
    Grateful                            resentful
    Curious                            uninterested
    Caring                              indifferent
    Zest for life                       zombie-like
    Awake                              asleep  

    M. Goldsmith
  3. site admin Says:

    MOJO killers

    Missing a big opportunity
    Getting passed over
    Getting demoted
    Losing money
    Going bankrupt

    Waiting for the facts to change
    Looking for logic in all the wrong places
    Bashing the boss
    Refusing to change because of sunk costs

    M. Goldsmith
  4. site admin Says:

    Re-igniting your MOJO

    Changing you or changing it

    a. Establish criteria that matter to you
          Ground rules for your life
    b. Where are you living
          Balance short term satisfaction and
    long term benefit at work and home
    c. Be the optimist in the room
          It takes longer than we thought.
          Instant gratification vs.. Patience and discipline
    d. It is more difficult than we thought..
          Seek Improvement
    e. Other things to do… tempt to take our eye off ball
           Not rewarded satisfactorily
    f. Declare victory too soon
           Maintenance is tough
    g. Take away one thing (how would life feel)
    h.  Rebuild one brick at a time
    i.   Live your mission in the small moments too
            Small moments—big investments
    j. Swim in the blue water
    k. When to stay and when to go
             It is better to jump than be pushed
             Hello, good-bye
    l. Measure yourself by what you need—metrics
    m. Move quickly with purpose
    n.  Don’t be afraid of saying no or rejection.
              Focus on your goal.
    o. Advertise

    M. Goldsmith

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