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November 2021
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CV Heading. Thoughts, Strategies and Tactics
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Do you list your current affiliation in your CV heading?
Do you put all letters in caps and bold your name, with
your highest degree?
Do you use a line or decorative treatment below the
heading, separating it from the body of the document?
Do you say CV or Curriculum Vitae or Vita?

These are curious questions that have been posed
either through members using them in their CV or
asking for correctness.  First is last.  The correct term
is Curriculum Vitae, or the ‘course of one’s life’.  Thus,
we use the genitive of life, vitae.  The term is also in
the singular, for academics, as it would be curricula
in the plural.
However, the recommended practice is not to write
CV at the top of your document.

Each of the other three questions has NO as the
recommended response.

Place your residential street address normally in
your heading.  Your name should be prominent but
not in ALL CAPS in your heading.  It can be a larger font
yet the same font as the rest of the document.  Bold is
fine, yet refrain from underlining.  It is acceptable to
list your highest degree, especially if that is what is
sought in the job description.

Because of the different software programs that
are used, it is recommended to not use a decorative
line below the heading
.  It may not be recognized just
as you intend…

Common practice in the US uses the CV for
academic applications and some government
laboratory applications.  Use the name that you
prefer to go by.  If the name is not common for
Americans consider giving a hint to its pronunciation.

Your phone number should include area code
but avoid parentheses, as we need it when dialing
in many cases. 

Your email address should be listed.  Use one
that you check frequently and is a professional
appearing appellation.

You should list in your heading a webpage or
LinkedIn profile
that you have so that interested
reviewers can obtain more detailed information
about you and obtain correlative information
that they would seek in a search.  You are helping
them go to the exact person.

While I have seen headings being placed on
either side of the top of the page, it seems best
when centered and not part of a “header” for the
document.  Each subsequent page should have your
name either at the top or bottom with page number.

Logo of an affiliation– no.
More than one phone– no.
Photo– no.
“confidential” — no.

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