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July 2020
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Career Management Trends.
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Some observed trends:
  “Some schools … make career development a
mission-critical aspect of the college experience…”
L. Weber, WSJ 5-22-12
  “Eliminating midlife workers has become a tacit
business practice and a disasterous socioeconomic
trend over decades…”
M. Gullette, Brandeis Magazine, Spring, 2012
   “…companies are pulling back on sponsorship
for education…Schools have hired staff to serve
students that expected to leave their current company
during or within 12 months of graduating…”
M. Korn, WSJ 6-7-12
   “…working a temporary assignment can be a
way to expand one’s professional network, an aid
to future job hunting.”
J. Borchardt, ACS Career Blog, 6-11-12

“Most people think of themselves as fitting
in a job within a hierarchy, like a career ladder or
escalator.  The problem is the ladder and the
escalator are broken.  You need to invest in your
skills and your network.  Make sure you are
connected to people outside your company. 
Figure out the new rules of the game.”
The world has changed… adapt.

- Gain some experience in and during your
undergraduate years; internships, summer
employment, volunteering
- Develop communication skills and learn to
be a contributing part of professional societies
[there a many ways to attend, contribute,
volunteer, organize, and learn by doing.]; 
student membership, ad hoc committees
- Form mentors, learn leadership by accepting
responsibility in senior undergrad and graduate
- Organize a professional and Internet presence
for yourself.  Represent yourself well and
invest continously in yourself improving your
soft skills.
- Become adept inside and outside your
organization in wise skills, especially committed
- Learn and participate in critical “platforms”,
like LinkedIn and applicable “aps”
- Adapt to evolving situations. [Now, not
everyone is going to like this….]

Not everyone is an extravert, partner with some
one who is.  Try things that will help you grow
your self-confidence.

Prosper and help each day.

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  1. site admin Says:

    One of my mentors, Joel Shulman, wrote: “Your
    point about experience is right on. Yesterday’s
    C&EN has an article on exactly this:

    Linda Wang interviewed me for the article, as you
    will see. In addition, ACS President Bassam
    Shakhashiri’s “Blue Ribbon Commission” on Graduate
    Education has identified the teaching of ancillary
    student skills in graduate school as a major need.
    Some specific recommendations for doing some of the
    things you have identified will be forthcoming in the
    Commission’s report in December.

    The Graduate Education Advisory Board is also
    working on ways to build PfLAGS-like experiences
    into graduate education. “

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