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November 2021
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Mid-career professionals: Interviewing questions
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Geoff Smart and Randy Street published a handy
book outlining critical questions mid-career
and senior level professionals should be
prepared for.

They cite early in the book “Who:  the A method
for hiring
” Jim Collins’ line:  “the most important
decisions business people make are not WHAT
decisions, but WHO decisions.”

They define a “player” as a candidate who has
at least 90 per cent chance of achieving a set
of outcomes that only the top 10 per cent of
possible candidates could achieve.

They point out four sources of these “players”:
  - referrals from trusted networks
  - referrals from employees
  - friends of the firm
  - trusted recruiter sourcing systems.

Smart and Street cover quite a range of interviews
and tactics to select top talent–
  1.  four kinds of interviews and their questions
screening, top-grading, reference, selling
  2.  red flags to look for in interviews
  3.  behaviors Marshall Goldsmith seeks to avoid
  4.  legal traps.

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One Response to “Mid-career professionals: Interviewing questions”

  1. site admin Says:

    Screening interview questions
      what are your career ambitions/goals - more than responding to
    website information,
    down deep, what drives or excites you
       what are you really good at, examples
       what are you not good at or not interested in doing, or lack the
    background in
        what are previous boss’s ratings, and what will they say
    when we speak with them

    Top grading interview questions
       what were you hired to do? outcomes, results
       what were your accomplishments, looking for linking to expectations
       what were low points on the job
       what are specific names of people you worked with and what
    would they say about you
       why did you leave

    Reference interview questions
       what was the context of working relationship
       what were the candidate’s greatest strengths
       what were the areas of improvement needs then
       how were you rated, who was the competition, what is the
    rating based on, describe personal growth in roles

    Selling interview questions
       5 F’s: fit, family, freedom, fortune, fun

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