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December 2021
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Interestingly, one of the items taught in our Professional
Development seminars last week was “reverse mentoring.”
This is mentoring students do for their teachers or
proteges do for their mentors.  Drew sent a link to a
thoughtful article on Linkedin networking;  Naimish
clarified what Zhaoshuo told me about Linkedin offering
a tool on your personal profile page that tells you how
many times and specifically who has looked at your profile.
Pretty cool, eh?

I can’t say this enough.  The Deep Nishar article emphasizes
that each one of us is DEEPLY RESPONSIBLE, sorry for
“shouting,” for our own careers and career path.  No one
else.  On top of this, even more than ever, positions are not
formally advertized or, if they are, it is for a short time or
asynchronous on a web-page.  Networks and employee
referrals pop to the top as the method of choice to obtain
desired positions.

Face the facts, the least helpful time to start your network
is when you need it the most.  The network never sleeps.
You may not be in the loop or paying attention or
connected.  So make it a formal practice to focus your
attention on goals involving learning about, participating
in and committing to others in your network.  It is not
helpful if it is passive.  Have a “committed network.
And have it before “crunch time” when you need one.

Ilya Posin’s article about goals and working to meet them
goes hand-in-glove with Nishar’s piece.  It is too easy to
become distracted and achieve little or nothing each day.
Set goals, break them down into tasks and work on them in
prioritized order, using the best tools in a focused way
that works for you.

What do you do in your profile when you
are not sure whether to include items or not…  Run an
experiment and get feedback.  LinkedIn allows us to
change our profile and see if it impacts the number of
“hits” in people who view the site.  Look on the middle
or bottom right side for the panel:

Who’s Viewed Your Profile?

7 Your profile has been viewed by 7 people in the past 7 days.

18 You have shown up in search results 18 times in the past 7 days.

Your LinkedIn Network

326 Connections link you to 3,807,342+ professionals

5,630 New people in your Network since December 12

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