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December 2021
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On-line Portraits. LinkedIn profile presence
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As soon as I read the article by C. Lu-Lien Tan, I
checked back to my profile to confirm
it was as Nicole Williams recommends.

WSJ 10-20-11, p. D6, “The art of Online Portraiture”

Please consider posting an image of you alone
reflecting the norms of the profession you are in
or aspire to.
Ms. Williams recommends:
 - being caught in the moment
 - presenting good posture, with a smile and open
eyes, indicating confidence and competence.
 - in a wardrobe fitting for the technical field.

LinkedIn offers that a page is 7 times more likely
to be viewed if it contains an image presenting
an authentic view of you.  [C. Lu-Lien Tan article]

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  1. site admin Says:

    Erin O’Hara of provided a dozen
    good practices for quality internet Profiles in
    . Please look at a number of them
    cited in Barbara Safani’s blog.

    I highlight a half dozen ‘outside of the box’ ideas
    that can make a difference for us:
    -Trending topics (#12)
    -Searching job leads while being employed (#11)
    -LinkedIn signals tool (#10)
    -Explore and save job leads (#9)
    -Elaborate on your technical skills (#7) [Also consider
    listing significant transferable skills, strategically}
    -Include pertinent volunteer experience (#6) (especially
    for students and mature scientists and engineers)
  2. site admin Says:

    Just a thoughtful addition about holiday scams on computer
    and mobile devices from P. Eustace and Forbes Magazine: How to Protect Yourself
    Internet users can protect themselves from cybercrime with
    the following quick tips from McAfee:
      Only download mobile apps from official app stores, such
    as iTunes and the Android Market, and read user reviews
    before downloading them.
      Be extra vigilant when reviewing and responding to emails.
    Watch out for too-good-to-be-true offers on social networks
    (like free airline tickets).
      Never agree to reveal your personal information just to
    participate in a promotion.
      Don’t accept requests on social networks from people you
    don’t know in real life.
      Wait to post pictures and comments about your vacation
    until you’ve already returned home.
  3. site admin Says:
    A few more words on online portraits in profiles.

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