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October 2019
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Mid-career professional. Experience in Small Company Projects
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Looking at someone’s resume alone is so hard to
evaluate whether it does a good job representing
them to possible employers.  In a particular case,
I had a terrific telecon conversation with NS who
was referred by a recent protege the other evening.

She has had a successful career with a couple of
productive post-docs and is currently employed at
a project oriented concern.  Her issue is that she
is an accomplished material scientist with group and
project management and leadership experience but
has the challenge that little of her work is published
or has been publicly presented.

Interestingly, this situation may be represented well
by creating a resume file, incorporating a resume (note
separate document) and a separate Project List (note
separate page with title and your name at the top) which
offers the major projects in which she played a key
role.  Each project item Don Straits suggests using
a couple of sentences..

Where there are publications, consider listing in the
List of Publications, Presentations and Patents (note
separate page in the resume file, not part of the
“resume”) a link to the .pdf file for the item.  If one
is not directly available consider creating a document
in the cloud (like– google-doc) and provide link

Another job searching issue relates to networking.  While
she is a member of ACS and MRS, where should she
seek out opportunities.  One place that might be a good
fit is the WCC Women’s committee of ACS.  I noticed
several things that could be helpful there:  1  2 

In a similar vein, earlier in the week I met with a
younger fellow who sought networking opportunities
in the Boston area.  What better group than the YCC ?
    4    5 

So, mid-career people might consider having (1) other
documents in their resume file to inform potential
new employers of their work– Project list and List
of papers, presentations and patents (with links) and
(2) find other pertinent avenues to network (especially
meeting people in person).

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