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December 2021
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Are LinkedIn Profiles added to or replacing Resumes
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The more I correspond and speak with mid-career
people and recent grads, the more I find that a
large segment are finding “LinkedIn profiles” are
providing more opportunities for landing
interviews than their resume.  [Consider listing
yours in your Resume heading.]

  - much easier to access 24/7,
  - keyword rich screening,
  - can be linked to resources, like web-page,
publication files, presentations in the cloud
  - can reveal much more in a short time, than
a traditional resume.

What enables the LinkedIn profile?
[See Tom Merlino article and profile, for example.]
  - You can create your own community on LinkedIn
geared to your own field, sub-field and community.
  - Have links to your lists of projects (in the cloud),
patents, presentations and publications that show
your expertise and accomplishments.  [True, you
should not reveal proprietary information.  That
is the value of a project list with keywords.]
  - Keep in mind “searchable” and “advanced
search capabilities.”
  - Have your profile reveal your interests and needs,
not just that you are there…
  - L-I may be serviceable for entrepreneurs, small
company employees and departments in large
organizations where communication is not far

What else is possible?
Terrific insight into who one might network with
is provided by M. Tullier.   Her STARS acronym:
Strategists- coaching & feedback for goals
Targets- prospects for employers, customers,
Allies- technical experts you can consult
Role models- mentors
Supporters- keep you focused on your goals

For those just starting out, A. Brandt’s file seems
to be a creditable resource.

The summary in these profiles should be
designed for easier reading stating clearly your
goals.  This might seem a bit different from your
resume which reveals skills and your match to an

Your current position trumpets that you enjoy what
you are doing in a real organization, whether it be
as a individual contributor or part of a team.

Just as we are finding wireless communications
tools an extension of ourselves, your LinkedIn
profile is an extension of our resume.  So,
still continue to maintain your “master resume.”
Still develop targeted resumes for applying for
specific positions.  Regularly, update all these
files.  Some people suggest every 2-3 months.

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  1. site admin Says:

    Not a “bad” idea to regularly update the profile.
    Listed here and in the comments are recruiters
    “look fors’.
  2. site admin Says:

    There is a robust discussion about the future of resumes
    in “gigaom.” There are several “promote their own
    on-line tool” comments. Note, however, the early
    trend of at least having a professional on-line
    presence to make your case for employment.

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