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December 2021
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Starting out a Job Search
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Posted by: site admin @ 10:09 am

Dear Dan,

I am in my third year of post doc and have fixed my permanent residency status that many industrial employers require.  I seek employment in industry.  Because of my zero industrial experience, I would like to know how I could improve my Experience section since my employemnt history has been exclusively confined to academia/basic research.




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  1. site admin Says:
    Dear W,

     The industrial marketplace is very large. One of the first things to do is to identify factors that will narrow down your search. These could be geography, kinds of roles you desire, and what are your key motivators or drivers. In parallel, please also consider asking yourself what are your values. It is hard to locate a position that matches your values, when you do not know them. While many companies list their values on their web-page, annual report and PR documents, you might have to dig deeper and speak to people to find out if they match yours. And your values may actually change as you progress through your career… some values might be: security, challenge, independence, variation, benefits, special interests, competition.

     How do you wish to conduct your search?
     Do you currently have a position and wish to maintain your options?
     Do you have time and resources (library, career resource center, local section career counselors, mentors, network, etc.) at your disposal?

     Whether you have some or plenty of these or none, it seems that there is no one way to organize and conduct a job search. It seems true though that if you wait to the last minute, like cramming, you will be limiting your options. Also, consider using many resources in parallel since you will not be sure which of many will be important at one time or another.

     Consider that using some options, restrict others. It will be good to learn about these. We will be talking about each of these either direcly or by reference to specific resourses.
     Be mindful of the kind of work you wish to consider for yourself–applied research and development, problem solving existing products or new products, or helping customers solve problems. There are many others especially when one considers chemistry related fields, such as business and sales, law and rights and regulations, food, cosmetics and various human aids.
     Please consider contacting a career consultant when you have assessed these things for yourself.


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