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July 2020
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Interview Question: Why do you wish to work for …
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One of the essential questions that a job seeker needs
to provide an answer for, whether it is directly asked
or not, is what are your motivations for working for
this particular company, this particular department
in this role?

In a previous post, we provided the value of
offering your self-assessment motivation and
interests, as well as research on the company’s
specific goals as being your goals.

Also, you should be reminded that there are
critical “questions behind the questions” that are
being posed in this question.  Interviewers seek
the fit, the skills, the potential for growth and
contribution, and positive attitude that will not be
defeated by challenges but will be energized to over
come them.  These are the ingredients of four questions
behind the questions in an interview.

1. Show and speak about how you liked how you were
treated professionally.
2. Point out how you liked recent news on progress,
the goals presented in the annual report, or business
forecast in a business report.  Your research into the
3. Provide examples of what you have done showing
the match of skills and abilities they seek (look at
the job description) and your accomplishments.  It is
not enough to say you can learn this or that.  Say what
you have done learning things quickly and contributing.
4. Do you easily get bored?  Don’t say that!  But indicate
your attitude to learn new and important things to
address the overall mission.  When you get bored, what
do you do?  Do you maintain or repair an important
instrument (or take a long break!  don’t say that, either.)?
Do you explore the literature, update your notebook,
or develop new aspects of the project?  The emphasis should
not be on you, but on the team goals.  See 1  for example.

Remember, telling a story can be more effective than
reciting facts and that there are questions behind the
question you should be addressing in your response.

One Response to “Interview Question: Why do you wish to work for …”

  1. site admin Says:

    What it really means: “How much do you know
    about this company, and why are you hoping to
    work here instead of for one of our competitors?”

    When answering this question, mention specifics.
    You might note, for example, that you’re excited
    by the firm’s cutting-edge research, a recent merger
    or the company’s corporate social-responsibility
    programs. A detailed response will tell the interviewer
    that you are interested in more than just a paycheck.
    At the same time, showing that you’ve done your
    research lets the hiring manager know that you
    came prepared and are serious about the opportunity.

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