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November 2021
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Searching for Companies. LinkedIn tips
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While we can all move our mouse over to the
“yellow column” of this page and seek out listings
of “Chemistry jobs,” we understand not everything
is listed here.  The “hidden job” market is usually
not there.

The Chemistry job area can be excellent for
gathering search terms and key skills to include
on resumes.

One way to explore the hidden job market is to
explore companies on tools like “”
A colleague, D. Lipp, shared some insight on
a valued approach.  In a search for a small sized
firm within a defined geographic area, one might

1. open your page and examine
your ‘command line’ [2nd line, partially shaded]

2. to look for companies, if it does not readily appear,
click on ‘More’ and it will along with other cool
features [answers, for example.  See comment.]

3. Companies search ‘home’ and ‘following’ will appear.
In search home, click on ‘location’ as ‘located in or
near’ and search companies [rather than browse

4. Fill in company size and location, field and location
if needed,

5. The screen will be populated with a string of
company names, headquarters and number of
employees which you can scan your mouse over
and browse pertinent information.

I am currently looking a developing business
plans for a software concern and explored
competitors in our local area. 

This nicely opened up significant access
to firms that could be targeted to explore
business opportunities that are relatively
fresh.  Remember how fast-changing business
is today and how dated traditional library
sources can be.

Pretty nifty!  Thanks, Dana…

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  1. site admin Says:

    So, I clicked on Answers in and
    explored careers and came upon responses to
    the open ended question:

    What productive things can job seekers be
    doing in addition to the daily grind of sending
    out resumes?

    In a holiday season, it can be an asset to read
    and apply the suggestions.
    There are different perspectives and slightly
    different emphases, but they are on target.
    Take a look, get inspired. Plan, prioritize,
    meet and greet, volunteer and help others,
    doors will open for those who pursue something
    persistently that they feel passionate about.

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