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June 2020
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Insights. Tours of International Companies
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When we travel and visit other countries,
whether for business, recreation or
education, opportunities present themselves
for touring companies.

Style of work
teamwork among different levels
sense of hierarchy and deference to position

Organization and order
no badges or sign-in for visitors
advanced permission needed
company bus to terminals
similar design of work areas for visitors

This week while visiting Shanghai, I was
invited to tour ChemPartner Co., Ltd.
It is a touch of honor when visiting
Asian companies and for that matter
American firms as well, to bring a gift. 
[It is true that many US firms do not
condone bringing gifts.]

Dress for the visit.  Comfortable, safety
conscious shoes and clothing.   Remember,
also first impressions are lasting impressions.

Bring business cards.  Add a touch of class.
Here at ChemPartner, I specifically wrote my
name in Chinese on the back of my card.  I did
not freely distribute but waited to exchange
cards with those who offered theirs.

Learn the introduction style of the country
you are in.

Respect differences.  My trip via subway and
taxi was a little adventure.  It is appropriate
to respond to the question how was the travel,
“fine, I made it just as we had planned.”  But,
in truth, while the subway was smooth, I was
“taken for a long ride” to pad the taxi fare.

I recognized it on the ride.  In the future knowing
how much the ride would cost (12RMB) I would
just pay that amount as I left.  But this time, I
revealed slight inconvenience and paid the
40RMB fare.  I only told this to the lead person
at ChemPartner, who as we expect apologized.
It was a warning to the others and a lesson to me.
Send thank you notes.  Look for the possibility
of friendly professional exchange.

This is a strong sign of the international future
of the chemical enterprise.   Several companies
have set up affiliates here as I saw during my
drive.  I also took the opportunity to learn about
the infrastructure and sense the vibrancy of


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  1. site admin Says:

    I had an amazing experience visiting one of the
    Shanghai companies featured in the Grand
    Experiment article

    In addition to being cordially welcomed and
    pleasantly meeting some staff members, the
    organic chemistry group head led me on a lab
    tour seeing the fully staffed laboratories. Then,
    we got to see how employees are supported
    through company programs.

    Our evening involved a wonderful meal and
    conversation where we got to know English
    speaking staff quite cordially.

    As the article points out, this is one of the
    waves of business in the chemical industry future.

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