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April 2020
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Resume Reviews. Mid-career Transition Observations
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We have talked about Mid-career resumes and
have recommended to show that your resume
demonstrates a clear match in the sections in
the “resume red zone” on page 1.

It is a challenge when a mid-career person seeks
to make a transition to a different area.  While the
person may have performed many of the tasks and
mastered many of the desired skills.

It is imperative for mid-career people to consider
their unspoken advantages especially all the soft
skills and maturity that they bring.  These include
[See  2  ]

  1  connections,
  2  planning and prioritizing,
  3  being able to pick up when and how things
need to change during a “losing streak” and
  4  understand some important things to do when
things are well.

One way to point this out is including some
thought-provoking terms in the OBJECTIVE or
QUALIFICATIONS.  This may be “fast-learning
and adaptable” which can be expressed in a skills
based resume by listing skills statements that
match the job description’s need.

There is also an opportunity to link in a
“WORK HISTORY” section to a google
document providing “Selected Projects”.
This replaces the numerous bullets one may be
tempted to list under each employer, yet may not
be strongly pertinent to the position being sought.

In this way it resembles what Engineers and
Accountants can do in their resumes where
they have not produced publications that
scientists produce.  Similarly HONORS and
AWARDS for team accomplishment can
be listed. 

When reviewing the details of the resume,
we inquired as to crisp, detail-containing stories
that bring the skills to life.  This preparation
is key to differentiate from other candidates,
especially from recent grads who have
exposure to recent advances at potentially
lower salary.

One Response to “Resume Reviews. Mid-career Transition Observations”

  1. site admin Says:

    Update on this situation of a mature scientist:

    Clearly, connections helped. In re-establishing his
    network he interacted with a friend and associate
    in the food industry. They struck up a conversation
    about technical skills, marketing and regulatory
    aspects of safety.

    DL was offered a position because current staff
    did not seem to match requirements needed for
    a new product that was on the drawing boards.

    It is true that he did not have full expertise in the
    regulatory aspects at this point. My input is that
    the few people that do have the skills and
    experience working in this area are consultants
    who work for the industry.

    It would be my expectation that he would need
    to coordinate outside consultants to obtain and
    meet FDA and EPA requirements.

    There are many unintended consequences for
    this move at this point in the career of this
    individual who felt like he was in a toxic,
    short-term situation that only has upside potential.

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