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June 2020
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Negotiating and Deciding. Competing offer
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Recently, there was an interesting request from a
friend we have spoken about before.  He had
been offered a position and wanted help in
negotiating a fair package.

He is a couple of weeks from starting and has continued
interviewing for various firms.  He received another, very
competitive offer and wanted to talk about how to decide
what to do.

The initial part of our discussion reviewed a comparison
of each offer’s elements:  (Listed also is relative ranking of
importance of the element.)
Element      A         B                Rank
-salary        68K    74K            medium
-savings     bonus 401K         medium
-bonus                    5K*            medium
                               * applied to moving expenses
-tax             comparable

-insurance  [after   immediate    medium+
                    3 mo.]
-vacation   7 da     2 da first yr    medium
                 10 da   10 da second yr

-relocation  all      bonus             medium+

-environ-      -       seems             medium
ment                     better
[relates to working, friendships and people he met during
his experience with the firm.  May change with time.  First

Element                A       B                Rank
CITIZENSHIP                                   HIGH
HELP                 comparable

SPOUSE                      seems        HIGH
EMPLOYMENT            better

PROFESSIONAL         seems        HIGH
DEVELOPMENT          better

GROWTH                       seems        HIGH
POTENTIAL                   better

Clearly, our discussion went into some details on the
important factors.  Thus, the direction of the choice
seems to stand out which offer might be stronger for
the member.

It is worth mentioning three items, what does
professional development imply, what was
considered in growth potential and other factors.

Professional development is a broad term covering
at least in our discussion, ability to get training and
expertise in important career related topics (there
is a $5K budget for each person each year in one
firm.), chance to attend and participate in professional
organizations, access to experts and leading
technical resources and interdisciplinary teams.
Mentoring programs and networking encouraged.

Growth potential relates to recognition for
meeting goals and leading important development
efforts.  Larger firms tend to present an advantage
for this factor since there are usually fewer steps
in the promotion ladder and people can be in
these permanently in smaller firms.

There are geo-social complications in the two
choices, however.  One is smaller firm located
in a less technologically intensive region.  The
other is located as a technical center associated
with the auto industry in a economically challenged

We will learn how the decision comes out.

A few safeguards need to be mentioned.
1.  don’t negotiate by deception.  Have the second
offer in writing in hand.

2.  express your positive enthusiasm about working
at each firm and express gratitude for the good faith
offers provided.

3.  be aware of all documents you sign and submit
via internet.  Some are more permanently binding
than others.

4.  formally accept your desired offer before
rejecting an offer.

5.  follow legal guidance concerning proper
acceptance (See Sklover blog in yellow column.
for example  3  )

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