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June 2020
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Job Search Stategies. Proactive vs. Desperate
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Sizing up a changing job market in challenging times
is not easy.  Different sources, Internet sites and people
seem to initially be good for narrow topics and areas.
So when a multi-use tool like the ACS Clearinghouse
and career fair happens, people reveal things they
don’t expect they would.  One of revelation is that
some honestly appear desperate, when they intend
to be proactive.  Proactive is working with
consequential strangers, solid follow through,
applying for positions for which you qualify,
being flexible and having big picture understanding
of the hiring process.

Network with consequential strangers
It seems like job seekers are not aware of consequential
who are difference makers’ (see also 2  , 3 )
in finding opportunities.

Beware of appearing desperate
A number of people are in temporary roles or
part time or in roles that have limited horizons.
Career consultants’ hearts go out to them.  Their
actions and body language speak more to being
desperate, rather than being proactive.

Follow through with attitude and actions
These members initiate conversations, send
emails and share their resumes with the hope
that a job description exists that “has their name
on it.”  Too often their body language appeals
for help.  When suggestions are offered that
repeat what they have done or seems out of their
“comfort zones,” they ‘drop the ball’ or delay
their follow-up.  Often times, this turns off people
who make the suggestions.

It also appears that back-up plans should
be energized.  Holding out too long places
us out of employment for too long, without
using our skills and developing new ones.

Apply for positions for which you qualify
(Ask first before sending in your resume.)
All too often, people apply for positions that
they do not fit closely enough. 

Employee referrals are a plus
It is a little used insight that if current employees
submit your resume for you, it is placed on top
of the resume pile.  Also, if you take the initiative
to visit the firm with your cover letter, resume
and portfolio of documents in a professional
portfolio, it can be looked at quickly since it
does not have to be scanned, reviewed and
printed out.  Your physical presence as a
young capable go-getter holds you in good
stead, as well.

People seem to not use their network effectively.
That means volunteering and helping others,
referring openings to others who might be qualified,
or accepting roles where they can demonstrate
their skills. 4 

Information Interviews
Don’t be surprised that the skills and experiences
desired by many are
different now compared to a
year ago.  Have
you kept your finger on the pulse
what skills
are being sought?  Have you adapted?

Speak to people, tune into blogs that follow
specific industries, learn about people who
are getting interviews or job offers.

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