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December 2021
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Recruiter Interactions. Advice request on an interview situation
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While walking through the ACS Boston meeting
Expo a familiar voice called out, “Hey!”  Most
often a woman doesn’t respond to a man with
this, but guys don’t mind responding. 

I had seen her from the corner of my eye and
did not think she had seen me.  So, rather than
continuing on my random walk, I walked over
and greeted her.  She said she intended on speaking
with me and asked when was a good time.  I said it
was a good time then and asked if she would join me
for lunch. 

She is a successful mid-career chemist with a strong
track record.  Interviews have been coming her way
while she had been successful in a part time teaching
assignment.  Offers have not been coming her way,
however, for several reasons [that are not our present

She told me she had a conundrum now.  In the
recent past she went on an interview trip to Texas
and was offered a position.  Together with her
family, she decided it was not best for them to
take the position.  The interview was facilitated
by a recruiter who was on retainer with a firm. 
She then received another interview invitation
with the same company, in a different location.

Should she apprise the recruiter of the invitation
to the second interview at a different location one
month later?  It was not clear whether it was the
same position just relocated to another site.

We clarified some details and offered some thoughts.
Please view a couple of nice web-sites for
background on working with recruiters  1   2  .

Two career consultants offered her similar
reflections.  Namely, working with recruiters involves
working with people with whom you have developed
a relationship.  If you wish to continue the relationship
it might be prudent to phone the recruiter and advise
him that a second position and location has arisen
at the firm and you have interviewed there.   It is
your call to call before or after the interview, yet I
would pose doing it before the interview to get
a pulse of the organization from a different person.

Do it with a phone call rather than an email as then
there would not be a written record.  The recruiter
might not even be at the firm now.  Her motivation
was to insure the recruiter benefits if she obtains
a job. 

We crossed paths later at the meeting and she
had even more promising interviews.  Things
were looking up.

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