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December 2021
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Masters Degree. Resume Suggestions
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Resumes briefly highlight skills, experiences and
accomplishments that show a match to requirements
for an open position.  While experienced scientists
and engineers will be able show all three, recent
grads will find it a challenge to make a case for

Commonly recommended sections of a resume include
heading - please be aware of subtleties  1  2 
objective - crisply and clearly stated
highlights - notable technical items where you have
                 acquired, developed and mastered that
                 are valuable in the position you are seeking
   Skilled at…..
    Proficient at….
    Expert at…..
education - this comes before experience for
                  recent grads (be sensitive to the actual
                  field in which your degree was granted.)
experience - job relevant positions where it is most
                    helpful to state accomplishments, using
                    active verbs  2 
honors and awards - individual and team
affiliations - how you relate to those in your profession
                  and continue to learn after formal education
                  can also show your willingness to assume
                  leadership positions and demonstrate
                  transferable skills (a recent resume listed
                  membership in the Brazilian Chemical
                  Society to show language ability in Portugese.)

Many M. S. recent grads will not be represented well
enough with only these seven sections.  A strong case can
be made for masters degree holders (no further degrees
in the same field) that a specific section providing
skill sets (SKILLS section), that are valuable in laboratory,
pilot plant, in problem solving, are innovation relevant
software for customers) or in use in
factories, be inserted.

Consider placing it following the experience section
and have it contain relevant technical competencies
like working with Symyx, Mathematica
and other versatile software packages, familiarity with
statistical design of experiments, experience with
laboratory, pilot or plant equipment, developing or
improving methods of synthesis, characterization or
isolation.  These may not be at the expert level or
doctorate proficiency, but they are far more than
running it once in undergraduate organic or analytical
laboratory courses.

A skills section is not recommended for a doctorate
since their EXPERIENCE section would describe
accomplishments using these unique skills.  There
would be no need to repeat them.  However, a
case could be made that B. S. and B. A. holders
can benefit from having this section in their resume.

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