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November 2021
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Resolutions for Job Security
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It is the first week of 2007 and one of the common things we all do is
make new years resolutions.  The tradition goes back about 2160 years
to Janus, a mythical king of early Rome.  Janus could look back on past
events and forward to the future.

A fellow who I know well learned just after new years that his position
was eliminated.  His supervisor told him, it was not due to performance.
He had done a very good job in his first year.  Everyone in his area was

It is not easy to predict if and when things like this can happen.  What
could I suggest to this fellow that would help him.  He had already updated
his resume and taken one interview, as he sensed business goals weren’t
being met.  He had spent time networking with people who might assist
him in searching.  Probably not too much.  But there is something for all
to learn from.

Most people are reading this blog to obtain information and ideas about
finding positions, applying for positions and progressing in their careers.
Nonetheless, job change and job loss is commonplace even though one
is in a position.  Each of us needs to be equipped and prepared for the
unexpected job situation.  One of our goals might be, and our new years
resolution could be, to have our project list and accomplishments
up-to-date, our resume updated.

One of the key points about professional employment is that JOB
SECURITY is based on your ability to REMAIN employed or
FIND new employment that achieves your PERSONAL GOALS,
or in one word, EMPLOYABILITY. 

Now, I know that many who will look at this are lookng for positions,
either their first or one in mid-career.  I hope that no one gets faced
with losing their position.  It is a reality of today’s complex, fast
response, short-term business results culture. 

-Perform a personal self assessment:  Compare what you and your
network (including your supervisor) think you should be skilled or
experienced in with the actual.

-Create a working list of personal advisers:  Find an effective way to
interact with a 2-3 people who you admire for counsel,
feedback on performance, introductions, and ideas.

-Find positive ways to make your contributions known:  Presentations,
representing a team’s contribution, requesting internal or external
compliments be offered in writing to decision-makers.  Develop
“elevator speeches.”

-Plan your continuous learning effort:  learning can be through
experience, individually or as part of a team, or formally, through
training and implementing in a continuous improvement model.

-Focus on an effort that will benefit your enterprise and your
personal skill set

-Add information in S-T-A-R format to your accomplishment list,
perhaps using your career journal for details.

-Evaluate your company where it is and where it intends on going: 
Management, organization, technology and products.

-Be more of a professional:  in education, training, mentoring,
professional associations related to your career (ACS) and

-Build relationships and show interest in others:

-Expand your skills:  look for a real opportunity to challenge your
inner self in ways that you feel make a difference.   
Please read  J. Badal, “Eight resolutions to enhance your career,”
and S. L. Bradford, “Experts offer their tips for fruitful networking,”

Do readers have other ideas for career resolutions?


One Response to “Resolutions for Job Security”

  1. site admin Says:
    The fellow mentioned in this blog, successfully
    interviewed at four firms within three weeks of
    losing his position.

    He started working Feb. 12 just over a month
    from when he became unemployed.

    His work was so appreciated at his former firm
    that they hired him back as a per diem several
    times a week while he was “unemployed.”

    His willingness has convinced his previous
    employer that they wish him to stay on as a per
    diem consultant, even as he works for his new firm.

    He has found his new firm to be a great move–
    a salary increment, better benefits and a whole
    new host of things to learn and contribute to
    make this firm successful.

    We just love to hear about stories like this. It
    was an outcome better than a dream come true!

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