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November 2021
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Job Search Plan in Challenging Times
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While there are signs of unemployment turn around
for jobs in chemical fields, searches are taking longer.
Experienced technical people have indicated
they have had to interview and accept positions

  1) well outside their field, yet in areas of interest, 
  2) that is technically challenging, but involves
longer hours,
  3) in an area of interest, however not full time,
  4) in an area where they have mastered
the technology with no growth (in salary and
responsibility), yet it keeps
them employed.

Part of the strategy of finding their positions
involved serious organization  1  2  3  .  In addition,
they worked hard in a separate place (home office
set up for searching or in an outside office) in three

preparation and background research,
  interactions via media (phone, networking events)
and meetings, and
  follow-up (prompt, with added value) for results. 
They did not sit at a computer all day looking at
job boards.

In addition, they were flexible in allotting nearly
equal time to each phase.

Some interesting observations they had:
  - the strategy depends on the targets– field
and location (submit resumes to people in your
network for submission, prepare and hone your
30 second PR advertisement, ask for feedback)
  - and recruiters continue to
grow in importance  (improve your online profile
and develop rapport with recruiters)
  - develop relationships at your target companies
(information interviews, learn their products,
business model, and where you might fit in)
  - conduct regular searches on the best
job search engines (continually improve your
search terms, sites of interest and share with others)
  - keep up with your network

2 Responses to “Job Search Plan in Challenging Times”

  1. site admin Says:

    Helpful plan questionnaire suggests:

    A. Identify roles you wish to be compensated
    for Explore by listing what you are very good
    at. Define what you enjoy doing (not that you
    will do only those things.).
    If there is something you have no experience
    with but wish to learn and do, what is it?
    If there is something you would not do
    because it seems inauthentic to do, what is it?

    Explore and define by networking, social
    networking, visiting organizations, attending
    job fairs, attending exhibitions where
    display their products, and
    organizations in the field.

    B. At what companies and in which locations
    do you dream to work. Go to the business
    web-sites, professional organizations, or investment
    network via

    C. List skills that the employer would want
    based on job descriptions and web-site

    D. Organize your resume from your master
    resume to show that you meet specific needs
    based on a match between what you wish to
    do and what the company needs.

    E. Network development– ideas, information,
    introductions and ask for interviews. Do
    something for others.

    F. Who do you know who works for who
    you wish to work for? Who knows someone
    who works for where you wish to work?
  2. site admin Says:

    Clearly a trend in many firms is contractors and contracted
    smaller firms
    .  Eli Lilly, Glaxo and Sanofi-Aventis are cited
    in a WSJ article for outsourcing and perhaps crowd-sourcing. 

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