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November 2021
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Workshop Reflections. Washington
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The sense of several colleagues is that
meeting attendance
and vitality in
Washington increased over the spring meeting.

As I walked out of the convention center, I
encountered a
colleague who chaired
synthetic organic pharma sessions

and we both perceived a nice uptick.

Another colleague who attended med
chem sessions found
them engaging and
nicely attended.

It was nice to have between one-half and
of the seats filled in Wed.
workshops on First Year on
the Job in
Academe and Industry.  Many of the

attendees were energized by an engaging
format, but
also found useful:

- incredible awareness of body language
in listening
and how valuable a tool it is

- importance of not only telling about
valuable principles, giving examples, but
practicing them.  Teaching moments
occur when audience attendees don’t quite

meet the minimum expected.  Point it out
and move on.

It was strongly noted when people
exhibited professional
behavior they were
credited with it and the audience

sensed how and why. 
  -  reading facial expressions while
presenting material

  -  off topic comments that avoid getting
to the point.

  -  need to prioritize and lead with your

  -  how to work with your boss, so that
(s)he succeeds

  -  appropriate cell phone usage in
  -  goal setting and reviews

People interested in the academic careers
or changing into
academic careers, valued
having a
“research notebook”
and back-up plans when things don’t work
as designed

Industrial career attendees highlighted
working in teams
, having time limits, being
able to
practice giving summary responses
and feeling like their ideas were being heard.

The communication felt two-way to them.

It was a terrific professional experience.

2 Responses to “Workshop Reflections. Washington”

  1. site admin Says:

    Comment from a meeting attendee:
    RE:  First Year on the Job:  Industry workshop

    She attended another session at the
    and focused on listening
    skill body language. After
    the session
    the presenter approached her and thanked

    her for her attention. They engaged in a
    conversation that struck her as
    only being the result
    of displaying
    effective listening skills

    She noted that she did not realize
    the impact
    this has on communication.
    She will be much
    more conscious of it,
    she noted.
  2. site admin Says:

    One of the major elements of the “First
    Year on the
    Job - Industry” workshop is
    working in groups. The
    exercises are not
    challenging, so much for the content

    as they are for working in groups.

    We describe how groups behave with
    the acronym–

    forming, storming, norming and performing.
    The first
    activity develops slowly and is a
    rough approximation
    of the goal.

    Each subsequent activity is greatly
    improved. The
    point being in industry it
    is critical to move beyond
    the first three
    stages which usually occur for new

    groups to the fourth stage– performing..

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