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December 2021
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Interview Question: Why do you want to work for …
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A number of interesting conversations and a lot of
hard work has landed several on-site interviews
for a person that I know.  This person has unique
credentials that are suited for this one particular
on-site interview.  She said:

…”My major concern is:  I have not done a good job
convincing people why I want to work there,
why particularly that company.  Can you please
give me some pointers on how to phrase my response?”

B, your response needs to be well thought out and
address your needs, their needs, their style and be
done in less than 2 minutes.

It is logical for you to write out your thoughts and
practice speaking it not using too many “I’s”.

It may help to understand your needs, desires and
personal wishes.  Use the following three lists as
things to consider and choose:

 - authenticity - looking at the company webpage,
does the firm’s values match your concerns and
 - advancement - are the rewards for significant
accomplishment meaningful for you: promotion,
growth of responsibility, etc.
 - family - work balance
 - independence - choice of projects to work on
(usually not a high value in firms)
 - challenge - difficult problems that will improve
the quality of life or benefits

 - prestige - recognized world leader, cutting
 - respect - web-page company values source
 - social interaction - check with people who
work there, do they walk the talk, do people
enjoy working there
 - money - using surveys know the range you
would like to be offered to work there.  Is is

 - intellectual growth - given chances to learn
more and helpful skills, stay current
 - leadership - boundless energy and enthusiasm
that affects others motivation, ideals

 - social conscience - doing the right thing
even when no one is looking
 - individual contributor vs. working in teams -
most times team work is expected
 - specialist vs. generalist
 - travel/relocation (define your absolute maximum
consider your personal situation and tradeoffs)
 - regular hours vs. whatever it takes to achieve
goal legally and ethically
 - lab/bench role vs. management role - many
starting positions will expect lab or bench or
plant roles.

After doing a personal assessment, review the
company web-site and annual report looking
for common ground.  Investigate the company
remember what you like
about the company.

Carefully read the job description for the position.
Be able to show your good matches to the job.

Make your response genuine.

Consider mentioning something in your thank you notes.

Mention the positive impression people who interview
you have on you.

Consider mentioning the strong business plan and sound
business practices to be able to continue hiring in a
tough job market.

Does this address your question specifically enough?

One Response to “Interview Question: Why do you want to work for …”

  1. site admin Says:

    One of my main mentors also shared:

    B. Eustace:

    The easiest thing to do is go to the
    website and look
    at the core values
    and use those as a basis why you

    are so enthusiastic about the
    opportunity to work there.

    It might be a passion for innovation,
    meeting and
    exceeding customers
    needs, etc..

    And, the interview is a conversation
    that flows
    and allows participants to
    discuss at a
    comfortable pace.

    Once you’re in for an interview, that people
    want to see is how you’ll fit into the
    group. My 2 cents….

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