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November 2021
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Interviewing. Tough times
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How long the tighter economy lasts, no one knows.

Recently heard about a book “Who: the ‘A Method’
for hiring
” by Geoff Smart and Randy Street that
talks about hiring the right person for the job who
can fit into the culture.  Four things are highlighted
from the employers perspective that might help
job seekers:

  Best sources of candidates
  Problems to be alert to in screening interviews
  What differences to look for in the best candidates
  What to learn from candidates’ references

These are covered in the four comments.  Hope this
offers useful insights to job seekers of what recruiters
and interviewers are thinking.

5 Responses to “Interviewing. Tough times”

  1. site admin Says:

    Best sources of candidates includes:

      - personal referrals from professionals in the
    specific industry
     - personal referrals from your personal network
     - referrals from employees
     - input from friends of the firm (legal, suppliers,
    customers, vendors)
     - recruiters in the industry
     - successful sourcing system (professors,
    specific departments, specific training path)
  2. site admin Says:

    Problems to detect from interviewees in interviews:
    When asking about                     Problem
    Career goals                                vagueness
    What are key skills                       exaggeration
    What they do not like
     or not good at                             avoidance
    How will last few bosses
     rate them                                     speaking poorly of
                                                        previous boss or
  3. site admin Says:

    The best candidates will understand the roles
    that they have been hired for in the past and
    describe their accomplishments dispassionately.

    They might thoughtfully provide
        contrasts to previous,
        comparisons to plan and
         what others have done.

    They will be honest about low points of their
    previous experience and learn from them.

    They will demonstrate how they have risen to
    the occasion in excelling in something they
    have been asked to do.

    They will be able to maintain bearing and
    composure with interruptions, unplanned
    situations and changes.
  4. site admin Says:

    When interviewers speak with references it is clear to

     - establish clear context in which they know and have
    worked with the candidate; length of time; in what
    respective roles

     - strengths the candidate possesses and displays

     - honest assessment of areas for improvement and growth

     - how is this person compared to others

     - explore any issues or more depth into questions
    from the resume or interview which the reference
    can shine light on.
  5. site admin Says:

    Interviews and informal checks on web-sites
    and with references look for:

    - supporting information for qualifications
    - demonstration of strong communication skill
     - professional approach, interests and bearing.

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