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December 2021
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Careers in Chemistry. Future Trends 10. Cloud Computing
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There is no doubt about it Computers impact
the work, research, manufacturing, technology
transfer, scale-up, development and publishing
whether governmental, academic or university.

One of the significant trends in computing
is “cloud computing” where major applications
are on a virtual cloud in cyberspace, from which
you and I have access and use to solve our
problems or collect and process our data.

John Uebersax
summarized the trends for
cloud computing for statistical data analysis.
It may be argued that his case study could
be broadened to chemistry, research
development and manufacturing.  Paraphrasing
four of his considerations

 - learning curve           negative, people resistant
                                   to learning another tool that
                                   has little proven benefits
 - cost                         negative, sure the expense
                                   may be less initially, but
                                   more time might be needed.
 - confidentiality           negative, cannot risk
                                   permitting competitors
                                   access to confidential data.
 - 100% up time          negative, what can you do
                                   when the rare event of it
                                   being inaccessible happens?

On the other hand, show of hands- how many
people back up their data on your system?
Do you know where your data resides?
Who has had a hard drive failure and lost
their data?

Who needs to communicate data or
experiments or conclusions over the
internet?  It could be pass word shared.

Just like Uebersax, cloud computing is
not suitable for all situations right now,
but it is coming as a cost model in the industry.
So we will be moving into this realm, sooner
or later.

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  1. site admin Says:

    A popularized issue with using “cloud computing” is
    the lack of protection afforded individuals with the
    “user agreements” that most people simply click
    “yes” to.

    An NPR segment ended with… “As we turn on
    our blackberries, iPhones and laptops and expect
    … convenience…, cloud computing seems
    unstoppable. Just be sure to read that user
  2. site admin Says:

    See also:
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    YouTube Perspectives.
  4. site admin Says:

    WSJ article (WSJ, Sept. 23, 2008 p. B8
    Best of the business tech blog)that others
    are “morphing” the term for their own uses.

    This is done in a WSJ manner, how money
    can be made…

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