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December 2021
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Preparing for a Career Fair. Philadelphia
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Many members who are attending the
Philadelphia career fair next week
received an email last week concerning
participation in the Career Fair.  The
email pointed out that resumes should
be submitted online, will be screened
by attending companies (it did not
mention that resumes will be screenable
after the meeting online, as well.), and
one might enhance their chances for
interviews by contacting a career consultant
in advance of the meeting  (via the
Career Consultants Program)

“Dear Dan,
I was wondering if my resume should
indicated that my PhD is expected in
2008 since I don’t have it yet.”

“I am attaching (NOT ATTACHED HERE)
a corrected version of the cover letter for
R.  I am not entirely happy with it, but I
definitely see why it is better than the
version I sent to you.  (It stands out more
and is much better written.)”

“You mentioned business cards in one of
your e-mails.  Would they be good to
bring to the career services mixer at the
conference as opposed to handing people

Do you think I should submit the new
versions of my resume and cover letter to
replace the old ones that I submitted
when I requested an interview with R.
(before I requested a career consultant)?
Or is it too late at this point?

To make sure that I am understanding you
correctly, I should use the career fair as a
networking and learning opportunity and
not request other interviews, right?
Thanks, LK

You are getting the “hang of it”…

On your resume, consider saying:
2008(fall), if you have planned your
  defense in September already,
2008(expected), if you have not made
thesis defense plans

RE:  Career Fair mixer
Business cards are much better than
resume.  It is informal and you
expect to exchange cards.  Companies
may ask you to drop off or send a
copy after meeting you.

RE:  ACS Resume Submission
Please consider replacing the items you
have previously entered with the new onces.
Expect that you will likely replace it again.
Get the hang of continuous improvement
as you learn more.

RE:  ACS Career Fair
I just got a note that companies
will arrange interviews.  So, you
may request but it is best to send
specific people your resume and
cover letter, as we have spoken.

When we are at the meeting, I will
recommend you speak to one of the
mock interview reviewers… As it
turns out, these informal connections
of people to other people create
opportunities for you.

L., you will love attending the meeting.
Try to plan things to do beforehand.
Place your appointment plans on the
meeting calendar.  Leave some open
slots on Monday, after the Mock Interview
Demonstration, for possible interviews.
This could be a good time to go to
the Exhibition if not taken by interviews.
It is very useful and helpful for all
sorts of things.  If the chance happens
to go to lunch with someone, take
the opportunity.

Honestly, you are doing a fine job.
Be proud of your growth and know
that your enthusiasm and energy is
contagious.  Don’t lose heart at small
set-backs, learn from them.


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