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November 2021
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Careers in Chemistry. Future Trends 7.
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While I regularly refer to Alan Sklover and Associates
articles and blog for legal issues, I have not seen
topics related to patent protection gridlock that stalls
innovation.  This represents a significant factor in
technical innovation and thus careers in chemistry.

“With lawsuits over patent infringements
costing companies
considerable amounts
of money and potentially years in court;
a group
of companies have decided to
something to stop them before they

Google, Verizon, HP, Cisco Systems and
Ericsson are thought to have come together
to form the Allied Security Trust. The aim
of the trust is to buy up patents before
they are
acquired by third parties and
bypass the legal action completely.

Each member will pay around
$250,000 to join the group and then a

further $5 million to put towards buying
intellectual property
It is unknown whether other tech
companies will be able to join
the trust.

The trust bypasses any antitrust issues because
it is a non-profit
venture and the companies
involved just license the patents rather than

owning them. Once licensed they also intend
to sell the patents.”

Read more at The Wall Street Journal blog site its the reference

“What large companies are afraid of is
innovation by small companies and
individual inventors. Both the Allied
Security Trust and Intellectual Ventures

are mechanisms invented by large

companies to make them safe from

small, disruptive newcomers.  Both

enable large companies to buy up

patents that might pose potential threats,

and get them out of the hands of small
firms and individuals.”  Jim Moore’s blog

3 Responses to “Careers in Chemistry. Future Trends 7.”

  1. site admin Says:
    Further discussion on this is on Matthew’s
    and on the WSJ Information Age
    column by L. Gordon Crovitz. Crovitz
    cites a Bessen and Meurer book that
    only in selected industries, like pharmaceuticals,
    does the patent system work.
    The costs and frequency of patent litigation is increasing.
  2. site admin Says:

    The WSJ article by Don Clark (11-24-08)
    [Start-Up Takes on ‘Patent Trolls’] led me
    to a new term in technology patents and
    licensing issues, called ‘Patent trolls‘.

    Opposing Patent trolls is a new venture
    approach called ‘defensive patent
    .’ They pool patents to keep
    them from firms that might use them solely
    as the basis of lawsuits or licensing payments.

    RPX and Allied Securities are two firms
    listed in the article. Fields identified were
    mobile technology, internet search and
  3. site admin Says:

    Keith Sawyer’s blog talks about patents and why,
    in many fields, they no longer, if ever, contributed
    to innovation as initially proposed.

    One of the big exceptions, for we in the chemical
    field, is the pharmaceutical industry. This blog
    offers another perspective in this future trend.

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