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November 2021
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Graduating Senior. Options to consider
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Earlier this week, I met many bright chemists
at the Northwest/Rocky Mountain regional
meeting of the ACS.  It was fun working 
with the organizers to de-confound scheduling
conflicts to allow as many members get the
most benefit from the program.

The workshop schedule was modified with the
agreement of the audience.  It allowed me to
set up counseling sessions (ie., career and
resume review) in late morning on Monday.

The first person SG was graduating in December
with a joint major and looking at career options
of working for the spring semester and summer
and attending grad school in the fall.  What public
relations document(s) should she prepare?

We talked about having a CV for academic
positions and targeted resumes for specific
industrial and some governmental positions.
It might be a valuable practice to generate the
CV which would be a “master resume file” for
wherever she decided to create targeted resumes.

1.  Advantage.
Many grad schools appreciate savvy students
who experience the business, manufacturing or
industrial world.  They begin their graduate
program with some real world experience about
working in teams, problem solving and learning
how to communicate effectively.

2.  Short term hires may not be desired
A person who does this must understand that
a new hire is not productive right away as they
need to learn many things.  This process “slows”
down others who train, check and monitor them.
So, companies may not wish to hire someone
for 6-9 months, only to see her leave for school.

One needs to be aware of this going into cover
letters and interview sessions about a possible
negative factor being a short term hire.

3.  Short term hires may be just what a
company desires.
Such situations, however, may be ideal for being
hired through recruiters.

So, SG and I reviewed the major differences
between resumes and CVs and how many
parts are interchangeable.

Resume file                      CV
heading                             heading
objective  OR qualification   –
highlights                          –
education                          education
                                          special training
experience                         experience
honors & awards                honors & awards
affiliations                          affiliations
NOT PART OF RESUME       [part of CV]
    References                      references
    Pubs, Patents Presents.     pubs, patents,
     Research summary          research summary
                                          research interests
                                          (other components
                                          situation dependent)

These last 3 resume segments can be part of
the “resume file” and one should consider developing

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