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December 2021
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Mid-career. Should you update your resume, CV
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What is a good practice to do on a regular basis?
Update your resume(s) and CV.

While traveling on a plane ride, the thought came
to me to bring up the need to update your
public relations documents.  We commonly
recommend building and maintaining your
general resume that contains your full listing
of your background.  It might be useful to
also select items for one targeted resume in
case a situation arises.

It is a good reminder for those who use CVs
to insert their latest accomplishments, papers
and presentations.

Remember to update
 - references:  people move on more frequently.
      use the latest contact information.
      it is a good reason to reconnect with them
 - experiences:  projects completed, new skills
      applied to accomplish objectives
 - publications, presentations and patents:  update
      the latest information;  also consider collecting
      .pdf files of publications to share if needed
 - affiliations and professional activities

Let’s also ask ourselves if this is a nudge to
energize your commitment to your profession.
Consider getting more involved — organize a
symposium, attend a meeting with a professional
purpose, and learn new skills.

It is worthwhile to ask for help.  Speak to your
mentors.  Request and connect with a career
consultant with the ACS.  Attend a workshop
at a regional or national meeting.

One Response to “Mid-career. Should you update your resume, CV”

  1. site admin Says:
    Barbara Moses offers some responses to
    What 20-somethings ask about work and careers
    in her book , “The Good News About Careers. (1999)”.

    In many smaller, flatter organizations where promotions
    are less frequent, one seeks to develop accomplishments
    that show that you are

    continuously learning new things and applying them
    for good ends {”look at opportunities in terms of learning,
    not the effort-reward equation”}

    solving problems effectively and implementing the results.

    gaining new skills and competences
    {”expand your skills portfolio”}

    working on projects of increasing complexity.

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