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November 2021
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Careers in Chemistry. Future trends
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Recently, a “heady” book came across my
desk.  Entitled “The Design of Things to
Come” it covered so many elements that
hit upon so many different segments of
this blog’s readership–
  -recent STM grads,
  -manager types
  -mature people in STM
(STM = science, technology and mathematics)

Vogel, Cagan and Boatright (authors) are
business school professors at Carnegie
Mellon and offer penetrating insights that
I have never seen the likes of before!

In “The design of things to come” they
identified consistent
patterns they
observe that lead to innovation…which
they say will make all the difference in
our futures.

The remainder of this entry offers comments
on:  “powers of ten” analysis, blanketing IP
for brand identity, and leveraging outside

These insights apply to people trying to

 - figure out what they want to do or
shift into          BE PROACTIVE
  - forecast what may happen and
impact on our futures  STAY AHEAD OF

To aid in identifying trends the authors
suggest considering three frameworks

 - social framework:  the market’s
cultural undertone, its impacts on life
style and political dynamics

 - economic framework:  the market’s
focus and limits of buying power

 - technological framework:  significant
advances, new uses and technology

Clearly theirs is a different, a marketer’s,
perspective.  Chemists may be more
familiar with the technological window
and not look for the social and
economic.  Their value is in viewing
“markets”.  Their added value is to
frame windows to see where the market
is and what pressures the market is
driving to seek and want.  It is that
gap between the current and the
future desires or wants that will
emerge new products.  Some may have
been in the drafting stage for a while.
Think:  hybrid vehicles, windmills,
netflix, and a myriad of shifts.

3 Responses to “Careers in Chemistry. Future trends”

  1. site admin Says:

    Powers of 10 analysis:

    Powers of 10 analysis – All the
    stakeholders involved in a product
    following a model of IBM 1977
    analysis of product stakeholders from
    the micro to the macro

    1- molecular
    2- process
    3- process machines
    4- system operation of the manufacturer
    5- company community where product is made
    6- region where the product is manufactured
    7- continent
    8- global environment

    Extensive list of stakeholders and scenarios
    of their experiences in making, using or
    interacting with the product or service.

  2. site admin Says:

    IP for Brand Identity

    Developing a Blanket of IP for Brand
    identity (example- P&G: Swiffer)

     - Utility patents
     - Design patents
     - Copyright and trademarks
     - Trade-dress (color of truck, uniform, pill,
     - Trade secret
     - Provisional patents 
             Protection from disclosure before full utility
    patent is submitted .
             Advantage for start-ups and small
             Strategic tool
     - Brand and product life cycle
     - Product system
     - Product manufacture and delivery
     - International protection
  3. site admin Says:

    Seeking and benefiting from outside perspectives

    Importance of leveraging outside perspectives

     - External consultants and input integration
     - Customer insight, ie user input Ethnographic input
     - Marketing assessments
     - Balance hard and soft quality information
       Hard product qualities: traditional engineering,
    manufacturing, technology, environmental,
    ergonomic specifications
       Soft product qualities: emotions, aesthetic,
    brand identity, social and interaction aspects

    Refresh the insight of team rather than an individual.

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