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November 2021
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Career Fair Feedback
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In class this week two individuals spoke about their
wonderful experiences at the Boston YCC 2008 Career Fair
last week.

They benefited more than they expected and had several
tips for others to follow to succeed even more.

They both arrived early enough to scope things out and
determine their priorities and plan how they would
meet their needs.

One reviewed the companies participating and help
provided– resume reviews and workshop presentations.
The second spoke about first having his resume reviewed.
It was gratifying he said that he had his resume re-written
after review.  The feedback he heard was that his resume
was well prepared and addressed all the things in the
order that companies would be interested.  Items with
low interest to companies, pointed out in the in-class,
review were pointed out again.  Thus, the in-class resume
reviews should be done by all students.  If students did
not do this, the job fair would be an ideal place to do this,
and have it done again.

One student visited several companies in the exhibition
area.  One pharma company asked if the student had
known about the company.
Suggestion:  before the job fair, go to the web site of high
priority companies and learn about products, services,
news items and status of the industry.  Have some things
to say about each company displaying your interest in them.

Same company
Mistakes:  don’t mention bad news items, he did.
Good things:  develop some rapport, exchange business
cards, express top items on their list of needs.  listen to
others as they speak and hear the responses.

Follow-ups:  Pick up that business card and send thank
you notes.  Establish a relationship which can at least
help you build up contacts within desired companies.

Other company:  One company seemed to display
unprofessional response to one person who visited
their table.  Remember this communication goes
both ways.

This student uncomfortably left the table and shared
the information.

A person can be “turned off” visiting representatives
as well as companies can be “turned off” to
individuals.  People can walk away from
companies.  Companies can not walk away
from individuals.  They can pleasantly change
their attention to other individuals or other
things.  When you are in the public view
all need to respect the needs of each other.

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