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November 2021
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Post Doctoral Conversation 1.
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 Dr. Eustace,

As always, your email is very helpful and supportive. I am collecting the
information on Henkel and preparing for the trip to San Francisco.

Today I received an email from Dr. G. D. at FDA. He said that my training
and experience make me a potential candidate for the ORISE postdoc
positions at FDA so he wants to meet me at San Francisco to discuss the
positions and my qualifications in more depth.

My primary target is still industrial positions but I want to make the best out of this opportunity.
Would you please give me some suggestions regarding the interview with Dr. D.?

Have a great evening!


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  1. site admin Says:

    Hi K,

    Thank you for replying and submitting a follow-up question on a conversation with a representative from the FDA at the
    ACS meeting in San Francisco.  He probably liked what he saw in your resume.

    Before I suggest some things to consider let me provide some background.  I think it is of benefit.

    There is an interesting program I am working on where career consultan/presenters visit universities and specifically help recent Ph.D. grads. One of the topics is: ’should I consider a post-doc?’….
    Now, please understand that I have never had a post-doc, recommended any post-docs nor had a post-doc work for me. All I have learned is from others.
    (1) Post-docs are required for major teaching positions.
    (2) They are a help at Pharma companies and
    (3) for foreign nationals who wish to stay in the US. 
    (4) It is very useful if you need to acquire a new skill area or strengthen an area.

    Three leading things to understand about a post-doc are
    (1) will it help develop your professional growth to independently create or investigate or growth working in multidisciplinary teams
    (2) is the post-doc advisor known as a good mentor (speak to previous and current post-docs)
    (3) is there an opportunity to publish and systematically learn and contribute in the field.

    What roles will you be expected to assume in the post-doc? Learn new skills, start a new project, manage the lab, share expertise with the group, or mentor grad and undergraduate students?

    K, the FDA is big… The following sites would be helpful as a starting point.
    This sounds more like an academic position, since the one site above states that “All who work under the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) contract are considered employees of Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).” It would appear to be related to supporting toxicological research.
    There may be some benefit in demonstrating that one can do research in an interdisciplinary setting….
    Keep in mind the FDA’s mission statement:

    So, Please explore the technical nature of the post-doc thoroughly and how your skills fit their needs.
    Please consider developing your motivation for wanting to work there.
    Please consider exploring the work of previous post-docs that you could emulate and learn from.
    Please understand the length of the post-doc contract and where people go after the post-doc. 

    Hope this helps.
    Regards, Dan

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