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November 2021
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Cover Letter: Ad Response
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Dear Dan,

I wish to apply for a position for which I have a job description.
Below is the job description from the company.

Could you please critique my cover letter?



PhD Position Description – Rheologist

Job Title:

Sr. Research Chemist/Engineer


The D_C Company, Basic Plastics 


Plastics Characterization, Plastics R&D


Freeport, RX




Material Science/Polymer or Chemical Engineering

Job Description Overview


The D_C Company is recruiting for a position in Plastics R&D with the Plastics Characterization Group in Freeport, RX. The selected candidate will serve as technical resource for our Rheology testing capability (Dynamic and Capillary Rheology, Elongational Rheology, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis). In this challenging role, the incumbent will be responsible for the development of new rheology capability, application of this capability to the development of new products and resolution of manufacturing or customer issues.


1. Serve as technical resource to Freeport rheology capability:

           - provide technical support and training to testing group
           - maintain high-standard service levels for routine testing
           - develop new test methodology/models/understanding to support business needs
           - participate in Dow global rheology network to leverage & optimize rheology capability globally
           - keep up-to-date with advances in the field of rheology
           - play key role in new instrument evaluation and selection

2. Serve on multidisciplinary teams supporting product development and application development programs

a.  provide consulting in solving complex problems (e.g. characterize polymers with new structures, troubleshooting issues at customer)
b.  participation to patent strategy involving non-standard polymer characterization techniques

3. Network internally with other Dow business units and externally with universities and research institutes

a.  proactively participate in Dow internal seminars and document high quality research reports
b.  scientific communications at international conferences and publication of articles in scientific journals



    1. Strong theoretical and experimental background in rheology
      + 3-5 years of industrial or university experience
      + Experience with characterization of PE/PP (other plastics is a plus)
      + Good understanding of polymer processing is a plus
    2. Experience in other polymer characterization techniques
    3. Strong, innovative problem solving skills
    4. Ability to collaborate effectively with others, customer service focus
    5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    Motivated candidates with relevant qualifications are invited to send their resume to :


    Dear Dr Per Oxide

    I am a graduate student in chemical engineering/polymer science at the University of M working towards Ph. D. I came to know about a Ph.D position in rheology at D_C through S. Cost of D_C and my advisor Prof H. Summer.

    My current graduate GPA is 3.82 and for the past three and half years I have been practicing rheology. My thesis is related to “self-assembly and shear induced morphologies of asymmetric block copolymers” and I use rheology extensively to study the dynamics of these materials. I am also familiar with other polymer characterization techniques such as DSC, SAXS, WAXD, microscopy etc. I have trained a number of graduate students at UM on how to use rheometers for measurements and how to get most out of experimental data. I am very familiar with a rheological software, IRIS, that is used widely for analysis and prediction of rheological data. I also worked as assistant during Prof Summer’s rheology course at the 2005 Society of Rheology’s meeting in Lubbock, RX. I have widely used oscillatory, steady and transient rheology during my research and I am familiar with non-linear theories which utilize the dynamic data and predict non-linear flows such as uni-axial or bi-axial extension. Also, I have been involved in shear induced polymer crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers.

    Previously, I possess BS and MS in chemical engineering from University of Mumbai.

    I believe that the responsibilities for the this rhelogist position are closely related to what I have been doing during my Ph. D and that I will add value to your team. I look forward to hear more from you about this position. Meanwhile, if you need any additional information, please let me know.


    Thanks and regards

    Dept of Chemical Engineering
    University of M
    A 23 Polymer Sci Building
    120 President’s Dr
    Amherst, M 11111
    Ph: 444-444-4444

2 Responses to “Cover Letter: Ad Response”

  1. site admin Says:

    Hi P,
    Thank you for your detailed question.  Let me offer the following suggestion for your cover letter.
    It is more specific than one would find in books describing cover letters.  
    [Please excuse the smaller font size used to fit this web page configuration.]

                                                                             Dept of Chemical Engineering
                                                                             University of M
                                                                             A 23 Conti Polymer Sci Building
                                                                             120 President’s Dr
                                                                             Amherst, M  11111
                                                                             August 5, 2006
                                          RE: Sr. Research Chemist/Engineer; Rheologist
    Dr. Per Oxide
    Plastics R&D Characterization Leader
    D_C Company
    2301 Brazil Blvd – B70
    Freeport, RX 77777

    Dear Dr. Oxide,

    Please consider the attached resume in response to the Rheologist position listed on your web-site. The position was brought to my attention by Dr. S Cost of D_C. My thesis advisor, Dr. H Summer, has spoken highly of the exciting opportunity Dow provides.

    My background and experience match nicely with the requirements of the position

     rheology background theoretical and experimental                3 1/2 years of practicing rheology

     characterization of polymers                                             DSC, SAXS, WAXD, microscopy 
                                                                                          rheological software, IRIS, used for
    analysis and prediction of rheologi- 
                                                                                          cal data; oscillatory and transient

     polymer processing                                                         self-assembly and shear induced 
                                                                                           morphologies of asymmetric block 
                                                                                           copolymers; non-linear flows such
                                                                                           as uni-axial or bi-axial extension;
                                                                                           shear induced polymer crystalliza-
                                                                                           tion of semi-crystalline polymers.
     collaborate effectively with others, customer service focus       assistant during Professor Summer’s
                                                                                           rheology course

    The competitive and regulatory challenges of the business world provide motivation for highly effective
    teams to work closely to be successful. I look for such a position as I conclude my graduate studies at UM.

    After you review my resume, if you have any questions, I urge you to contact me at (444)444-4444
    or by email at . If I do not hear back from you in a couple of weeks, I plan
    to follow up this letter with a phone contact so that we can understand the business need and how my
    skills can be put to the company’s benefit. Please let me know if there is a particular time when it is
    best to call you.


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