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December 2021
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Negotiations. Salary among other things
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As with most individuals, we put off
talk about the challenging topics.
We must, however.  One of them
in career management is salary.

What tipped this off is reading an
article in WSJ by Marshall Loeb.
He offers several observations that
have value to be repeated:

 - few job-seekers actually ask for
more $

 - most corporate recruiters said they
are willing to negotiate compensation

 - arm yourself with information.
Research the company’s pay scale, 
Determine fair market value for the position
Assess the industry averages and
Know the affordability impact of the region
you’ll be working in.

One of the most interesting and well
thought-out sites for salary negotiation I
found was the
Department of State.

Add two other sites to the list you read
better understanding of the situation. 
Thomas Denham in “Evaluating Jobs and
negotiating salary” puts things in perspective
by weighing important considerations in job
offers.  He puts various decision factors into
perspective.  (his weighting factors, but you
should decide these factors for yourself)
Job Content (30)
Your Boss (20)
Salary and Benefits (15)
Your Co-Workers (10)
Typical Work Week (10)
Location (10)
Organizational Flexibility (5)

Salary in this scheme has a 15 score! 
Consider asking:
Is the salary offer at market level?
Would taking this position create economic hardship?
How are individual increases and salary reviews and promotions handled?
Think also of the total benefits package when considering the offer.

Denham continues in the article by outlining
four Specific areas to score the employers values.
I found this most helpful for making solid

Once favorable decisions have been made
by the company to hire you and you to consider
accepting the position, then salary negotiation
becomes serious.  At times before this, salary
is only brought up to rule out candidates.  So,
if the question arises, a candidate’s response
is “very excited about the oppportunity that
you offer and will consider any reasonable
compensation package.” 

Salary negotiation is properly handled
by organizing, researching, practicing, and
having contingency plans.  Denham provides
a nifty lay-out of these by
1) research your salary worth
 look at: ACS salary comparator and
 ”The Salary Calculatorâ„¢” at saicaic.htmi.
 ”DataMasters” at
 (Use the research to come up with a base salary
 range, the top being the best you can hope to
 get and the bottom being the least you will take.”)

2) understand the normal progression–
use of salary screening (are you in the ballpark?)

3) understand each party’s goals and prepare
for resistance with acceptable behaviors and

4) establish common ground, showing an attitude
that reveals you seek what good for you given
the company’s constraints

5) request a formal document describing
agreements and actions.

6) consider all of the elements of working
commuting, family-support, better health
insurance options at no extra cost, bonus
with “summing up” (company pays the
taxes), memberships, meetings, etc.

Another strong article worth looking at
offers a different organization.  

So, know where salary fits in your decision
process, know what your family requires
for compensation, understand the roles
you are asked to perform and its value
living in the location the company asks you to
work near.

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