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December 2021
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Thoughts on Attending ACS National Meeting
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This was my second virtual ACS meeting and I
feel it far exceeded all my expectations.  It might be
worthwhile to reflect and share some things.

It goes along with Scott Galloway’s recent book, “Post Corona:
From Crisis to ‘Opportunity
” where he points out that much
will be dramatically different in our future and we should
prepare for it.
To begin, I have attended more than 75 society national 
meetings mostly in the US and many held by ACS.  There
are different objectives in attending technical society 
This latest meeting had me focus on using the 
ACS be the highway for learning…. about
      COVID mutations, therapies and vaccines,
      global climate modeling,
      micro-plastic waste reuse,
      mRNA and SIGLECs,
      data management for wider discipline use, and
      education in the post-Corona age.
My strategy for participation involved
 - serious review of the agenda (for nearly a week) to form
 a meeting outline before the meeting,
 - determine the best way to interact with speakers
 (early in the meeting:  plan to capture email addresses to
 contact speakers shortly after the meeting),
 - access supporting publications and follow up (COVID
 was the most intensive, as the Moderna mRNA and
Michigan State study of mutations and antibody
therapies were revealing)
Positive surprises were reported, as well, including
 -  critical challenges of water purification near semiconductor
processing facilities
 -  stories about chemistry before chemists (R. Hoffman)
 -  chemical education approaches:  CCI, use of movies,
FAIR standards data management and ethics
 - miniaturization of biological structures 

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  1. site admin Says:

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    - April 16, 2021 Guowei Wei,
    Therapeutic opportunities in glycoscience 
    - April 12, 2021 Carolyn R. Bertozzi,
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    - April 14, 2021 V. Rao Kotamarthi,
    Chemistry before there were chemists: Protochemistries
    - April 6, 2021 Roald Hoffmann
    Playing with the molecules of life
    - April 12, 2021 Peter Schultz
    Tiny technologies and medicine
    - April 12, 2021 Sangeeta Bhatia
    Chemistry in support of health: Drug delivery and tissue
    - April 12, 2021 Robert Langer
    Using scientific and project management techniques for
    holistic retirement planning: Opportunities, ego, identity,
    purpose, money, life style, and relationships
    - April 8, 2021 Lucinda Jackson, Craig Hodges
     Towards the use of quantum computers for chemistry
    - April 9, 2021 Jeannette Garcia

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