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December 2021
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Virtual Meetings and Presentations
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Oh! My gosh!
Recent issue of CEN had a page devoted to virtual presentations.
Were you left thinking:  what about screen sharing, What about file
sharing, what about “raising hands” and other details? [CEN 12-7-20,
p. 44]

I recall hosting virtual presentations for a class, holding classes
virtually due to snow closing, and attending virtual conferences
for various situations and groups.
While I recognize many constraints on CEN publications (ads,
graphics, font size, and layout), a brief search has discovered
a nice graphic for remote work,
tips for presentations ,
do’s and dont’s 
that may aid in preparations and execution.
Think about the program you use– Zoom, skype, google groups
Test presentation in advance and arrange for screen sharing 
arrangement.  (If some or all information is “dense” perhaps
send out in advance or arrange follow-up arrangement, like
google doc.)
Use a microphone, headphone and test elements in advance
with trial audience.  Either plug in power or fully charge,
have appropriate lighting, background, privacy settings,
no interference, even some questions set up in advance.
Plan for an agenda, arrive early and prepared, have a
clock in eye view, consider having hard copy with post-its
attached for remarks and call-outs.  Connect with appropriate
small-talk and situational introduction.  Note the use of a
mute key and avoid using keyboard or other distraction 
elements during the presentation.  Stay on time.
The presentation is for the audience.  How will you monitor
attention, response and feedback?  Will you seek questions
and comments throughout or at specific intervals?  Will
it be oral, will it be visual with text, will it be photos and 
graphics?  Have titles on slides that reveals the objective.
Your energy plays a role.  Consider standing if it helps.
That changes the dynamics of the camera and mic arrangement.

2 Responses to “Virtual Meetings and Presentations”

  1. site admin Says:

    Zielinski article points out that in Zoom, pressing the space
    bar opens an attendees mic. Interesting suggestions include:

     -using a second computer as an attendee to observe
    glitches and lags in video and sound
    -when problems occur, determine whether it is one attendee
    which means not stopping the whole session
    -attendees in ‘bandwidth challenged areas‘ might turn off
    video and join meeting in dial-in audio mode while seeing
    content through a browser.
  2. site admin Says:

    As in many professional situations, plan and conduct an 
    After Action Review to find out what worked well, 
    as expected and needs improvement.  

    Ask for input from attendees who you trust will help 
    you improve this process that will only continue over time.

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