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September 2021
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Professional Profile. 7
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Profile:  Technology Specialist, Science and Technology Patent LLC

Style and Responsibilities
Proficient in both experimental and computational exploration of
synthesis and evaluation.  Developed technology assessment 
experience through post-doc and internship.

Personable and highly organized with different cultures.  

Position involves bringing technical skills to bear on business 
strategy and best legal practices for technology concept protection
for biomaterials, formulations, optophotonic electronics, food
and nanomaterials.

Challenges and Stresses
Time is currently a limited resource with long commute, 
management of household with preschool children and 
current housing arrangement.  Am using mentors to figure
out longer term strategies  and encouragement to ask questions
and seek help.

Landing Current position and openness to new opportunities
The search for my current position that I started a month ago
faced several hurdles.  We became new parrents, had my
work papers approved and dealt with several months break in
appointments.  Yet we were successful due to persistence,
preparation and practice.

Just as one might expect, as soon as I started a new position
other opportunities arise.  While the benefits package is quite
satisfactory and meets our needs (eg.  salary exceeds ACS
Salary Comparator benchmark), I will find a way to accept
interview invitations.  I do not do them from my employer’s
locations nor on employer’s time.  I keep all engagements 
confidential and record notes.

Interestingly, since this is a legal position “billable hours”
is a new work constraint that I am learning to include in my

Opportunities for Growth
In addition to a highly skilled staff and generous benefits,
the firm offers continuous in-house training, support for
personal growth and patent agent certification and help
in pursuing a legal education.  

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  1. site admin Says:

    What would you say if you were asked by an international
    student about how to deal with an interview in a week for
    a technical adviser position in a law office. She completed
    a organic synthesis for pharma applications postdoc.
    She has a citizenship issue.

     I would think about how the skills in your current position
    translate into the job that you want, and learn to speak their

    For example, if they are looking for someone who has
    done project management, you have probably done that if
    you worked in the lab. You can get any job (almost) if you
    demonstrate that your skills and qualification are a good
    match, and you can articulate why you want the job and
    why you think you are the best person for it. I would try
    to find someone in industry who works there and ask them
    about their experience, and they might be able to give you
    tips. I don’t know about the citizenship, I guess I would
    try to find out the company policies around that, and also
    talk to the person interviewing you about it ahead of time.

    Guess what?  Working papers came through.  Not an issue.
    Person offered a position.

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