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December 2021
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Self Assessment Reflection.
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Yesterday’s first year graduate student seminar involved
a pre-class homework assignment. 
Since the group was large, eleven of the 16 preference
types were represented.  That meant that there were a
variety of learning styles in the seminar.  
The larger group size meant that we could not go into
detail into each individual preference class.  
We did reveal how preferences can influence us in both
subtle and explicit ways by asking each individual their
name and whether they were left or right handed and
whether they liked cats or dogs.  These are preferences
that are genetic and influenced by our early life 
experiences… much the same as MBTI.
To maximize the experience we had each person
sit with their own similar preference groups and
complete and compare a Values and a Behaviors
instruments to go after an emotional understanding
They learned that despite similar MBTI profiles their
values and behaviors revealed different trends and
these are also important to learn in working in teams.
The second half of the seminar involved two
exercises– one involved discussing projects which
troubled several since they had to come up with their
own project and a physical constructing project where
they had to describe their result.
-In the first, one outstanding group had an individual
take leadership and point out how each person, by 
name,  would contribute to the expected outcome.
-In the second we had a group presenter relate a 
story to describe their constructed model  she asked
for a volunteer to participate in a short role play and
provided a reward for the participant.
In short, they learned about themselves, about 
working together in teams and how to interact
with others and develop a baseline for continuing
learning about themselves– this session was not
over at the end, but a beginning.

3 Responses to “Self Assessment Reflection.”

  1. site admin Says:

    Taking the MBTI questionnaire is usually an individual’s first step
    and not designed to be a stand alone process. It should be
    accompanied by discussion, reflection and research to learn more
    about other preference styles.

    This builds a foundation for further personal awareness and development.
  2. site admin Says:
    The MBTI should be used in conjunction with the
    principles below.
    • No stereotyping; Psychological Type is a way of
    understanding our preferences and those of other people.
    • Everyone is unique; Psychological Type does not
    explain everything. Within the 16 Types there are many variations.
    • It is not a complete explanation of human behavior;
    It does lead to a deeper understanding and give a logical
    model for why people do and say the things they do.
    • No one Type is better than another.
    • You should not use Type for selection because it looks at
    natural preferences not abilities.
    • All data is confidential including the four key letters and
    should only be revealed with the permission of the individual.
  3. site admin Says:

    Website supporting insight about value of self
    assessment knowledge about ourselves–
     Self awareness–>
    Self Regulations–>
    Relatable social skills

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