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January 2022
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Trends in Technical Careers. Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
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Hi Dan,
How are you doing?  I would like to ask if you have any
experience using electronic labbooks in an R&D lab?
and if there is any in particular you could recommend.  
Thank you for any advice you can provide.
Best regards”
When I regularly attended several large conferences I tried
to look into this emerging field by speaking with vendors about
their market penetration and features for different user 
Interestingly my deepest learning at this time involved
ensuring legal advice was following in purchasing, training,
and compliance.  Maintenance and regular updates for eLN were
essential as this is a emerging and evolving field.  Years have
past and eLN are essential tools.
Glossary of terms:
List of Vendors
-  at least 16 countries are represented as vendor developers
-  open source vendors are included in the list
eLN features:  Different fields and operations will have different requirements
It is nice to have a big picture for what customers, users, legal and
regulatory applications are provided.
 - basic functionality
 - quality, security and compliance
 - data management
eLN decision making
 - The system needs to organize and be able to tag, filter and search entries. 
 - all entries, imported data, and links can be exported to a generic format
(pdf, zip, xlm, etc.) for backup and reporting as well as allowing a bailout
in case the maker of the software stops development, or your funds to pay
for licence fees run dry.
support of your IT department at an early stage (selection of particular eLN).
 - h
idden costs (hardware like server, backup; on-site support and user training, )
What are your customers using?  How frequent are updates?
What are the computer requirements and robustness of the system?
These days, eLN are essential to compete

One Response to “Trends in Technical Careers. Electronic Laboratory Notebooks”

  1. site admin Says:

    Ioannis V. Pavlidis · Universität Kassel

    I’m also kind of old-school on this, but I find interesting to have
    everything searchable, no matter the easiness to add electronic
    material (photos, datasets etc)… and do not forget the bad

    However, I would never use the Google docs / Google drive concerning
    the copyright, as Rodriguez Alonso mentioned before. Most interesting
    is that if you want to file a patent, the editing of the files should be
    traceable (so the patent office can see if you hide something or not,
    or see the exact experimental process), and I think that is why all these
    ELNs are paid for.

    The discussion about all these softwares / apps should be about how
    reliable are they in terms of privacy if you use their server. It’s
    common sense that you want to have the data on a cloud (it is much
    more probable to steal your computer / tablet rather than a notebook
    with science in it…). Does anyone have recommendations for electronic
    lab notebooks (ELN)?  Available from: 

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